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Tyler reads the letter sent by his mystery woman. Yvette figures out that someone has been writing to him and pretending to be her. They are also going by the name Leslie. When Yvette smites the person responsible she realizes that he's the one pretending to her. Kevin is trying to discourage Tyler, but nothing seems to be working. Yvette tries telling him the truth, that she's devoted to Kevin, but Tyler ends up quitting his job and taking off to Canada in search of her. Kevin and Reese come across the Acorn Fairy, a woman name phoebe who did good deeds around town long before Kevin. Kevin sets out to help her raise money for her dog shelter. Kevin sets up a crowdfund but it backfires when the media looks into phoebe and finds out she's been wanted for embezzlement. She's arrested and when Kevin tried to call an old acquaintance for help, the man reminds Kevin of the awful things he's done. Kevin has all the people phoebe helped speak about her during court but the disruption leads to them all being arrested. Phoebe is released and has to do community service. Nate' s ex-wife comes into town. She's married and pregnant. Nate doesn't know how react because she didn't want kids when they were together and he did. He and Amy talk about communication.
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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