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Reese begins to track Kevin via her cellphone. 

Once Kevin is unable to leave Frankie's, he realizes he is meant to help someone in the establishment. He mistakenly believes this to be Tyler, but after a car accident, Tyler rebuffs Kevin's attempts to help him change his life. 

Kevin soon realizes he is meant to help the abrasive manager, Lucille. She asks him to get an antique clock out of storage and he does so. Tyler later informs him that he actually stole the clock from Lucille's sister, Ann. 

Upset, Kevin refuses to help Lucille at first but then decides to talk to Ann. She becomes enraged when she discovers that Kevin took the clock and demands that he get it back from Lucille. 

Kevin breaks into Lucille's house and grabs the clock but Reese, who followed him to the house, scares him when she tells him the cops are coming. He subsequently breaks the clock and then makes a run for it. 

While on the run, he has a vision of an outdoor marketplace somewhere in Asia. He then awakens in jail.

Reese calls Tyler for help and goes to Lucille, threatening to quit if she doesn't drop the charges against Kevin. 

Later at Frankie's, Ann shows up demanding the clock back and she and Lucille get into a screaming match about their father. Once Kevin points out that the clock was not an actual antique, the two sisters seem to reconcile. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Reese: Your seat just came of the car. How did that happen?
Kevin: Physics. It was probably, um, physics.

You don't make protecting you easy.

Yvette [to Kevin]