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Kevin, Tyler, and Yvette travel to Laos after Sam (one of the people Kevin helped before) helps him with miles and a flight.

Yvette has doubts about whether or not she was right about the righteous. Kevin tries to convince her that they're on the right path, but she tries to discourage him from carrying on with the mission because she doubts herself.

She allows herself to be seen in Laos and spends the day with Tyler who tries to cheer her up. Tyler believes he has fallen in love, and they talk, dance, and almost kiss.

Kevin and Tyler stay with Ben, the firefighter when their hotel room falls through after Kevin realizes he booked it too far in advance.

All the clues and signs appear in Laos and Kevin thinks he has to go on a retreat. When he missed the bus, he catches a ride with a driver, but the car breaks down. Kevin thinks the driver is the righteous soul and tries to hug him, but nothing happens. He realizes he has to help the man anyway, and when the man's wife goes into labor, Kevin helps him get to his wife. Yvette realizes that the plan is all coming together and helps.

Kevin figures out that Yvette is the mystery woman that Tyler is in love with.

Kevin helps deliver the baby when he gets there with some guidance from Lucille via phone.

Kevin realizes the baby is the righteous soul and hugs her. He somehow manages to block out the rest of his trip but had a good time, and all the pictures he saw in his vision come true. 

Yvette's angel friend is assigned to the baby.

Amy and Reese get into the holiday spirit decorating. They get carried away.

Iggy bumps into them and Nate when they're at the diner. It's awkward.

Amy asks Reese how she feels about Ignacio, and Reese tells her that Nate likes her and that she doesn't think Amy is ready to date because she won't take off her wedding band.

Amy tries to square things away with Nate and tell him that she isn't ready to date anyone even though she thought she was.

Nate fakes a gas leak and arranges for people to ride past Amy's house to see her lights.

Amy takes off her wedding band.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Kevin: I am exactly where the Universe wants me to be.
Yvette: The Universe wants you in a hotel watching not porn?

Yvette: I worry that you're just not ready. We're, we're not ready.
Kevin: Oh, we are so ready.