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Amy is still upset with Kevin about getting arrested and getting Reese arrested. She kicks him out. Kevin goes to stay with Tyler where he gets clues about his next assignment.

Reese is upset that her mother went through her diary and doesn't seem sorry. She's also upset that Amy kicked Kevin out. 

Kevin migrates over to Kristin's to stay but it's awkward when she goes out on a date.

Kevin goes to a job interview, but it turns out he's not there for the job. He's there to help the unemployed man, Sam. Sam has been laid off for a year. When Kevin helps him update his resume, he accidentally reveals to Sam's wife that he's unemployed. Sam didn't tell her. His wife kicks him out.

Kevin and Sam crash at Nate's house. Kevin heads to Sam's house to get Sam's shoes for his next interview. His wife reveals they had an arrangement that she would stay him and he would work. She used to be a graphic designer.

Reese and Amy argue. Reese tracks down Kevin, but he sends her off to school.

Amy finally calls Kevin, which he had been waiting for, because she can't find Reese. Kevin, Amy, and Nate go looking for her.

When they find Reese at an abandoned building she makes them make up with one another. When she falls from the top of the building, Yvette slows down her fall until Kevin can catch her.

Amy asks about it later on.

Sam's wife goes for the interview instead and they agree that she can work and he can stay home now.

Kevin gets pictures about his vision. He concludes that one of the righteous is in Asia.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Yvette: Very dapper!
Kevin: Did the Universe dress me?
Yvette: Like a Ken doll.

Yvette: It's time. Tell her.
Kevin: Amy, I'm the last of the 36 righteous on Earth.
Amy: What the hell are you talking about?