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Kevin takes Yvette far out so they can have a celebratory dinner. Kevin starts his first day as a substitute teacher. He's distracted by Yvette and asks that she gives him space a bit while dealing with the job. Yvette says she can do other things but eventually she realizes that she doesn't have very much to do without Kevin. She's lonely and doesn't have anyone outside of Kevin. She tells Kevin how she's feeling but doesn't give him much of a chance to respond. Kevin notices a student, Adam, who is bullied and basically invisible. The universe even made him actually invisible to Kevin at first. Kevin gets information about Adam from Reese and decided to help Adam pull off the perfect high school prank (after Kevin causes him to be bullied for ruining the last one). Kevin gathers together the people who pulled off the freshman prank when he was in school. Only Nate agrees to help. Amy and Tyler agree to help too. They set it up to prank the popular high school teacher because Kevin doesn't like him. They sneak into the school while Nate distracts the security guard and accidentally is pepper sprayed. Kevin is trapped in the room but Yvette helps him. The next day, Adam decides he doesn't want to humiliate anyone like he's humiliated. Kevin agrees to call off the prank but it's too late. Instead Kevin puts himself in the line of fire to be slimed. He has Adam record it. The prank is a success and Adam is well received by his peers. Nate and Amy are awkward and try to orchestrate the perfect first date before deciding that they should just relax and let things happen. Kevin spends time with Yvette and they tell one another how much they mean to each other.
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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