The Consequences - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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Kevin sleepwalks all over town, as he follows a balloon that reads "Marry Me Pookie". He then awakens on the roof of Amy's college. 

Amy insists he speak to a counselor at her college and there he meets Deb, who is the "Pookie" on the ballon. She explains that her and her husband are having a large wedding because their first wedding was a quickie years ago when Deb was sick with cancer. With Yvette's help, Kevin becomes their pseduo wedding planner. 

Concerned with Kevin's mental health, Amy calls his therapist into town but Kevin is prevented from telling him and Amy what's really going on with him. 

While signature cocktail tasting, Deb tells Kevin that she no longer wants to be married to Ben. 

Kevin meets Ben and Amy and he brings Dr. Sloan along. He puts Amy on the spot, forcing her to tell Ben that she is having an affair with Kevin. Ben knocks Kevin out and he has a vision of several large masks and a mariachi band playing. 

Kevin lies to Amy about why he's been helping Deb and Ben to get her to stop worrying about him. 

Kevin brings Deb and Ben together so she can apologize and they can begin to mend their friendship. Kevin accidently falls off the building but Yvette saves him. Reese spies on Kevin and sees him being pulled through a window. 

Kevin confesses to Kristin and Tyler that he tried to kill himself before returning to Texas. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Kevin: Ah, I needed this. Planning a wedding for two good people? This is the reason I signed up for this job.
Yvette: You didn't sign up.

Amy: Who are those people?
Reese: Maybe it's flower therapy?
Amy: That's not a thing.