Killer Women Season 1

"Daughter of the Alamo"

An arrest leads Molly to an unsolved case and the sexist, retired Ranger who originally investigated the case on Killer Women.

"In and Out"

When a basketball star is murdered, Molly investigates, Meanwhile Dan receives a tip that leads to an arrest on Killer Women.

"The Siren"

Molly is on the hunt for a female serial killer who targets women who remind her of her own abusive mother on Killer Women.


Trying to recreate the adrenaline rush she experienced overseas, a veteran begins a Robin Hood like scenario back home on Killer Women.

"Some Men Need Killing"

Molly hunts an assassin who is killing abusive husbands on Killer Women.


We meet Molly Parker on the Killer Women premiere. She's a member of the Texas Rangers.

Killer Women
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