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A woman is eating ice cream looking at all of the other people in the ice cream shoppe. She's smiling at everyone. There is a drop of blood on her watch. As she walks out, she tosses the bowl of ice cream on a little girl she was smiling at a moment earlier.

Eve wakes up screaming her ass off. Her husband or boyfriend is scared shitless. Eve was sleeping on both of her arms and they're asleep.

Eve is called into the office. She's the last one there.

Her boss introduces them to Fiona Shaw who describes the high profile case. A man was killed, his femoral artery sliced. He bled out in under a minute.

Eve thinks it's a woman who killed the man named Kevin because of his known shit treatment of women. He's a misogynist. 

Back in Paris with Villanelle. She acts like a nice person but wipes the smile off her face as soon as people walk past.

Villanelle doesn't wear a bra but a thing that flattens her breasts.

She stages a suicide for an older man who is about to arrive home.

Villanelle's next job is in Tuscany. Nice face, she says, as she looks at her next mark.

The girl has been located and she's a drugged out mess, unintelligible.

Eve is married to a Polish man and speaks the language. The girl is Polish, but she doesn't speak the version that girl is speaking.

One of the teenagers who plays cards or bingo with Eve's husband, Niko, understood the heroin dialect of Polish the girl was using. She said the killer was a small-breasted psycho.

Villanelle is now in short shorts at a villa in Tuscany eating fresh tomatoes with the juice falling down and out of her mouth. She's the sexy girl next door killer that everyone loves. 

When a man leaves a room, his suitcase moves and that's where Villanelle has hidden herself. After she emerges there, she does the same at a party in a sweet blue dress very unlike her killer personality.

She spots her mark who has just tossed a bucket of ice on a little boy. V uses the little boy to call his grandpa up to the room. When he arrives, he asks after Davide. She tells him frankly that his grandson is locked in the bathroom. 

He asks if she's his gift. She says she's been sent, yes. She pulls out a stick from her hair and puts it into his eye. As he's dying, she writes a name on her hand which she then presses to his face. She smiles an eerie satisfying smile.

Eve, meanwhile, is very impressed with Villanelle's method of killing via a very small puncture. She's so impressed she's trying it out on her own leg. She has a weird relationship with her husband.

Eve can't stop thinking about the case and mucking about in it. She's fascinated by it to the point she'll do pretty much anything to figure out what's going on. It just so happens she's doing anything and on the loo when she meets Villanelle who tells her to keep her hair down. 

When Eve gets back to the office, room, everyone is dead. She failed at her one job.

But Fiona Shaw is impressed and Eve's about to get her wish. She's going to be a secret agent searching for Villanelle, a killer who has been doing her thing for two years.


Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Does anyone in the department speak heroin Polish? No, I'm serious.


OK. Thanks for giving us your Saturday. It turns out people are still murderous bastards on a Sunday.