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It's Bill's funeral. The place is packed. He was loved.

While everyone else sings, Eve can't get the look of anger and pain off of her face. She can't get the look of disgust off of her face when Frank gives the eulogy. 

Bill's baby starts screaming and Eve has to leave the church. Outside, Elena admits she's not so good with grief and wonders what's next. Eve wants to kill Villanelle with her bare hands.

There is a new title card.

Villanelle has a birthday party for Konstantin and it's just a way to show him that she knows enough about him to make his life miserable after he tells her she will no longer work alone because of what she did by using Eve's name and killing Bill.

Villanelle sees a woman in the car with her new person and when they spot each other, Villanelle says her hair has grown. The woman lunges at her from the front seat and they fight, the woman asking where she's been. The dude intervenes and says "she's a friend." I don't know who he's talking to.

Niko wants to know how Bill died. He wants her out of the business. Things get ugly when she says "We all know you care about me. Sometimes I think that's all you have."

Her suitcase came back from Berlin. It was on the doorstep.

Dude wants to know the history between the two women. They don't talk. Villanelle wants to know who the target is. All they know is they're there to kill a  member of the British intelligence services.

Eve opens the suitcase which is full of gifts from Villanelle, including a perfume called La Villanelle and a note, "Sorry, Baby."

Her team is surprised they're keeping on, but they're keeping on.

Dude wants to know if everyone will have a pee. No, Villanelle will hold it. Nadia wants to know why Villanelle won't fight her.

The assassins are sent to kill Frank.

Since Eve just discovered he is the mole through his cayman connection, that makes a lot of sense!

It's not Frank's house, but his mum's. She asks the ladies into the house for fruitcake.

Mum calls Frank and he sends his apologies because he's gone back to London. Villanelle knows Frank's there because she spotted his car. Frank gets away while they're milling around so they're going to run into Eve and Elena in the middle of the road while Frank is getting away. No. They've landed in Bletchem.

Nadia is firing at Frank and he's trying his damnedest to get away. It's so fun!!

Eve calls Frank who is hiding in his backseat. 

The assassins get prepared to shoot the shit out of Frank's car. Dude plays his weapon like a guitar. He's hiding in the bushes.

Nadia kills her boyfriend excited to be together again with Villanelle. Villanelle says she'll prove herself to Nadia.

Her first attempt to do that is by backing over her with the car. Whoops. Unfortunately for her, the car doesn't start again. 

Unfortunately for Frank, he didn't run when he should have nor does he stay low, so Villanelle has a good shot at him. She takes after him.

At the same time, Kenny discovers "mum" is a Russian operative. 

Frank makes it, but so does Villanelle. She shoots.


Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Elena: So what do we do now?
Eve: I want to kill her ... with my bare hands.

That's what we're going to call this asshole from now on. Villanelle.