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Konstantin and Villanelle are in Russia. Her name is Natalia Popova. She does something with Italian hats. She can't pay attention. She wonders why he has never tried to have sex with her. He says he'll be back in a few days to pick her up. She doesn't need to be nervous. She says she doesn't aneed a few days. She will see him tomorrow.

She's scared shitless to return to the prison where it all began.

Eve wonders what happens if someone recognizes her and all of the rest, but once she's inside, she can't help but be herself. When the guards poke into her behind to see what's in there, she asks if they're enjoying it and gets a slap across the face. She slaps the guard back, says "oh dear," and gets a beat down.

Her first attempt to see the doctor doesn't work. She's locked in a cell.

Kenny and Elena have found some information about a Russian woman, and Eve wonders if it's Oksana. Elena is confused until she learns it's Villanelle's real name. No, it's Nadia. And, no, Elena and Kenny do not want to travel to Moscow. It's just Eve and Carolyn then!

Eve goes to see Niko, who is smoking, and discovers he's quite irritated to see Frank on the front page of the paper. He doesn't want to see Eve's face on the front of the paper.

Eve wonders how well Carolyn knows Vladimir by asking a joke, "And when you say tit..." which sails right over Carolyn's head making for a hilariously awkward moment.

Eve is so excited when she sees Vladimir, but even doubly so when she sees the next agent joining them -- KONSTANTIN!!!

Holy shit, I didn't see that coming. The entire time Carolyn is excited and laughing and having a good time. Eve, however, never cracks a smile. She misses the appeal.

In prison, Villanelle continues trying to get to the hospital doctor with no avail. Her attempts to work in the kitchen get her into the bathroom to clean drains.

Meanwhile, Konstantin is accompanying Eve and Carolyn into the prison.

Villanelle makes a friend who is spontaneously violent. Helpful, since she learns the only way to get in to see the doctor is to be practically dying.

Nadia is brought before Carolyn and Eve. They want to ask about Bletchem. Instead, Eve asks about Oksana and Nadia reveals she was meant to go with Konstantin (although unnamed), but Oksana wanted to assure she would be safe with him. Instead, she left with him. His name? Konstantin walked in and she stopped. She named Anna, but we don't know if she gave the last name.

Carolyn reveals she slept with both Vladimir and Konstantin and used information Konstantin gave her against Vladimir in the past and the latter never forgave her.

Kenny found information on Anna. She's the wife of the man Oksana murdered and castrated six years ago. When Villanelle gets to the kitchen, things go all wrong when her violent friend grabs it. Once again, Nadia gets away harmed but not dead.

Eve has to rely on Kenny to find evidence of a relationship between Kontantin and Carolyn. He's successful.

The doctor fooled Villanelle. He got her sent to the hole so he could shut her in there forever. Good luck!

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Do you want me to hold back your cape a little bit so you can go down on yourself a bit more?! You're not saving the world, honey bunch, you're getting off by sniffing out a psycho!!


Elena: So wait, are we calling Villanelle Oksana now?
Eve: It's her real name.