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Thirty seconds after Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 8, Eve is trying to escape from Villanelle's apartment. She doesn't know if Villanelle is dead or alive, but Eve is getting the hell out of dodge.

In leaving the building in such a hurry, Eve walks right past a bloody handprint on a nearby door. Inside that door is Villanelle.

Carolyn calls Eve telling her to get back there right now. After Carolyn hangs up, Eve says, "I think I might have killed her."

At the airport, Eve gets enough candy to kill several nearby diabetics, but it's all for her. She's stress eating while Villanelle is out in the world trying to survive. And damn, I really want that bag of candy.

Eve puts her bag of candy right into the security bin at the airport. Would that have gotten through if she had waited it out and not found the knife in her pocket? 

She's off to the bathroom to clean the knife and wrap it like a sanitary napkin. Nobody will be looking in there for a murder weapon.

Eve apologizes to the security fella about leaving her stuff on the belt. She had to go to the loo. It was an emergency. She gets to keep her candy!! 

While at a bar, Eve destroys her hand with a ballpoint pen. A girl next to her tries to share that she knows exactly how she's feeling. Eve is actually relieved when she realizes the woman thinks she's a junkie. The pressure is off. Eve laughs her ass off.

Villanelle tries thumbing a ride. When a taxi makes like it won't stop, she throws herself onto the hood of his car. He takes her to the hospital like a good elf.

Eve is on a train tracing the line of a scratched heart and Villanelle is at the hospital. She's only been there a couple of hours, but nobody showed up looking for her. 

Villanelle tells the doctor her husband, a police officer, did this to her, and she cannot call the authorities. He gives her a few hours.

Eve is calling hospitals to find out if a stabbing victim arrived.

Like a child, Villanelle took one of the lollipops there specifically for the kids and slapped a sticker on her hospital gown.

Her roommate is a young man named Gabrielle who had skin from his leg put onto his face.

While Villanelle bonds with Gabrielle, Eve chops every vegetable in existence, dances to Kids in America and makes dinner for Nico to apologize for being a dick.

Eve is back down again when Nico points out that the chicken that is almost done is still in the fridge.

Villanelle has Gabrielle steal some hospital credentials for her.

Eve gets a call from a window salesman, and she finally answers the phone. She's so eager to talk she buys a shitload of windows.

Villanelle has to put her feet into a gross pair of crocks to get to the supply room and gather what she needs to escape.

Her attempt to steal money from a hospital visitor's purse leads to her impersonate a doctor at which time she tells a patient's wife his health is improving.

Eve meets with Carolyn who is chatting with a little boy named Oliver. She asks him to go over to the swings so he can show Eve how high he swings.

Eve lies about what she discovered with Villanelle.

The circumstances have changed. She's not fired anymore.

Villanelle borrows some pajamas from Gabrielle and looks at his face. It's really bad. She says he looks like a pizza. He thinks he's a monster, but he wanted her to be honest.

Carolyn takes Eve to the morgue. The chick pulls cocktails out of cold storage before they head into the mortuary.

Alister Peel was on the note Villanelle slipped under her cell door at the prison. The note was addressed to Eve. 

All of that brought them back to here. The guy died by cardiac arrest. It was an air bubble. Very hard to trace.

Gabrielle worries about Villanelle going back to her girlfriend. Villanelle isn't worried since she knows Eve much better know, better than anyone else.

Gabrielle starts to cry about his face and his future. Villanelle rolls her eyes in annoyance but leans into it anyway. 

Eve is trying to figure out how Alister might have died. He got pedicures? Look for a puncture wound on his foot.

Even though the hospital is on lockdown, Villanelle escapes by playing the pity card.

Eve wants to know what's up with Carolyn and if she's part of The Twelve. Carolyn counters wondering what really happened in Paris.

Villanelle grabs a ride to Calais.

Nico knows Eve needs the job, but he cannot be in the dark. She has to talk to him. She says she bought a shit ton of really expensive windows.

Villanelle is in a trunk off to who knows where. She's thinking about Eve as Eve lays in bed thinking about villanelle.


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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Villanelle: How long till we get there?
Taxi Driver: Oooh. Maybe ten minutes!
Villanelle: [chuckles painfully] Do you know how to dispose of a body?

I think I might have killed her.