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Villanelle is on her own in Basildon. Sleeping in a laundromat leads to all of her stolen medication getting stolen, so she steals some clothes, hits the grocery store and tries to find some help.

Eve allows Niko to think she's shopping in bed rather than revealing her obsession still exists or that they're in any danger. 

Villanelle plays upon the wrong person in the grocery store.

Eve meets the new team. Tess and Hugo as well as Kenny. The other girl won't be back because she was afraid of getting killed.

Eve is very happy to have Kenny to confide in again.

When Tess says that shooting Konstantin in a roomful of people was sloppy, Eve assures her that Eve is anything but sloppy ordinarily and launches into a litany of the characteristics she loves about Villanelle.

Eve finally finds a link to Villanelle being alive. When she asks for the crime scene photos from the murder at the hospital, she sees the message that Villanelle left for her.

When Villanelle runs into Julian's demented mom, it provides for one hell of a scene.

There is a new assassin on the job as the murder they're researching was done discreetly and without flair.

Villanelle tries to get called in but learns they're not interested in her or they cannot help. After that, she tries unsuccessfully to call Eve but the system doesn't understand Villanelle's voice.

When Tess suggests they no longer need to worry about Villanelle, Eve gets frazzled. Just in time, Carolyn steps in with news of Villanelle's cry for help.

Meanwhile, Julian is going nuts on Villanelle, but she circumvents it by saying she was ordering Julian a cake to thank him.

But even after killing Julian, Villanelle is still under the thumb of a man when her new handler, Raymond, puts her on a very tight leash, a choke lead (as he's choking her half to death).

Eve and Villanelle miss each other by only seconds.

Konstantin is alive.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Eve: How do you always look so good? Do you even sleep?
Carolyn: It's my moisturizer. It's made of pig's placenta. It smells like ass and costs a fortune, but it is exceedingly effective.
Eve: I don't mind smelling like arse.
Carolyn: I'll send you the link.

Eve: Be careful.
Niko: What do you mean?
Eve: You know, if you see anything strange. Be careful.
Niko: What a touchingly reassuring goodbye.