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This episode picks up at the exact second the last ended. Konstantin offers Eve a drink. Why not?

Eve drinks it like its water. She needs it once Konstantin starts talking about Villanelle.

In London, Villanelle is killing someone with a very spectacular presence in the elevator by way of his tie.

She's giddy like a schoolgirl.

Villanelle is in Paddington slapping the shit out of a bell at a hotel desk.

She eyes the clerk's booze-laced coffee and frowns and clucks at him.

There is a note from Raymond. "Stay in your room."

Raymond wants Villanelle to be boring and discreet. He doesn't think her method of killing fits the bill.

Raymond tells Villanelle about The Ghost, who doesn't work for the same group but are very interested. She perks up when he tells her Eve Polastri is hunting the new killer.

He's trying to keep Villanelle boring and discreet so her kills are lumped in with those of The Ghost. Eve gets tears in her eyes at the thought Eve might not be thinking about her at all.

Villanelle is buying a bunch of stuff and charging it ot the room.

Eve wonders if Carolyn recruited ???

Villanelle is spying on Nico. Her head cocks when she notices Nico talking with another woman.

Eve forgot about drinks at the school with Nico.

Villanelle creates a new outfit for herself including a macaroni and glitter necklace. She starts following Eve only for Raymond to intercept.

When Eve gets to drinks, Nico is talking with Gemma, so Eve stips down to her slut.

Gemma reveals that some kid is calling the school making mad complaints. Villanelle! Oh my.

It's very clear that all of the women at the school dig on Nico.

Villanelle is "Kim" when she barges in on Gemma asking about the maths teacher. No, he's married. It sucks. Villanelle knows exactly how it feels.

Konstantin wants to know how long he and Carolyn will be playing house. He wants to know where to find his family. What if it was Kenny? She says she'd be fine. She's always been careful. How about some more wine? It's from Sam Neil of Jurassic Park.

Gemma loves talking with Kim since she's getting advice on how to manipulate Nico to get him with a spray of the perfume here and there. Does she have cats? She can't just do nothing and die alone. Maybe she should get another.

Meanwhile, Eve is getting all sexy with Nico in his classroom. As they begin to kiss, she notices an apple on his desk and freaks.

They storm out of his classroom, and she sounds the alarm.

When the coast is called clear, Nico tells her to go home since she obviously doens't want to be there. He calls to Gemma. Wait up!

In that moment, Villanelle sneaks up on Eve and puts something in her bag.

That night, Nico has a nightmare. About filing alphabetically.

The next day, she finds the lipstick in her purse. The shade is "Love in an elevator."

Even Kenny thinks Villanelle might be crazy...for a second. He won't tell her where Konstantin's family is, though. Eve put the "you work for me" hat on and demands he find her the address.

Raymond calls Villanelle as she is in her bed wearing a mask. He wants to know about the mone she has been spending. She hasn't been spending any money! She pulls a pair of silver pants out of a bag and squeals.

Eve wants to know where The Twelve keep their assets while they're in London. In return, he'll get the whereabouts of his family.

Villanelle, looking very fashionable, learns the hotel has a new guest. She opens her knife and gets into the elevator.

The new guest is Konstantin. Villanelle runs toward him knife jutting -- but she runs right into his arms.

Villanelle calls bullshit when Kontantin says MI6 is on the way. Either Villanelle goes freelance with him or she'll probably die. How much money? A lot. The sounds of the police are in the hallway. She sees Eve going into her room and almost screams. Konstantin puts his hand over Villanelle's mouth. She laughs just enough to catch Eve's attention

Villanelle is ridiculously excited as Eve approaches the door. She can hardly breathe. Eve puts her hand on the door slowly and sexually. It's a ridiculously sexually charged scene.

Then Eve screams...OMG!She's in here! She's behind that door! But Villanelle gets out of the window -- with Konstantin.

Oscar and someone else just look on while Eve guzzles a bottle of booze from the minibar.

Eve apologizes to Kenny who thought she was different than Carolyn and the others. But when Eve tries to justify her actions, she cannot come up with an answer.

In the car with Konstantin, Villanelle is singing "Listen to Your Heart," by Roxette.

Villanelle fogs the window, writes "Help!" in it and makes sad faces.

Konstantin talks about The Ghost, too, saying Eve talks a lot about her.

That love song isn't fun any longer. Turn this shit off, she says. But Konstantin likes it.

At home, Eve puts on Love In An Elevator. It cuts her lip as it's laced with a blade.

I'm gonna Screw You...

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Konstantin: Leave her alone. She's a parasite, Eve. She gets into your brain and she eats you up to make space for yourself. like that book with the hungry worm and all that food? Pickles, tomatoes.
Eve: The Hungry Caterpillar?
Konstantin: Yes! That's her, burrowing in and creeping around.

Konstantin: How are you doing?
Eve: Honestly, I feel like I might be losing my mind a little bit.
Konstantin: Yes.