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Villanelle begins sniffing around the hotel and finds Aaron's computer monitoring equipment. She discovers she is not the first person he has taken to the hotel, but she's not going to leave the way the others left -- in body bags!

Aaron is a serial killer.

She joins him for breakfast.

Hugo arrives with coffee, teasing Eve about their evening. She's all work as she sets up listening into Villanelle. 

When Aaron shows Villanelle a photo of one of the buyers, it's Raymond. She uses the safeword, and Eve panics.

Things go from bad to worse as Hugo gets shot in the hallway, and someone tries to storm his room. A frightened Eve hides under the bed. She overhears the guy make a call, and he exits the room leaving the door open.

In the hallway, Hugo is bleeding profusely, but alive. Eve checks on him, but leaves him bleeding as she tries to get to Villanelle. She used the safe word!

Nobody is at the front desk, so she scribbles a note onto a piece of paper intending to leave it for whoever might arrive and help Hugo.

A Brit arrives looking for his mate, so Eve pretends she's working the desk. He likes her. He asks her on a date.

He plans to pick her up after her shift for sushi.

Eve finds some cleaner garb, dresses in it, grabs some bags, and heads to the hotel.

She hears laughter coming from a room, grabs a letter opener and storms inside to find Aaron and Villanelle eating breakfast.

Aaron is strangely interested in the situation. He discovers Villanelle is a Russian. She assures Eve she is in trouble. He's a murderer with murder movies. He asks Villanelle to join him. Villanelle shushes Eve's concern when he proposes to give Villanelle anything she wants. Everything. The word drips off of her tongue.

He wants her to start now by killing Eve. Instead, she slices his throat and shoves him in front of the mirror.

Eve is panicked. Villanelle says it will all be fine. He was a very bad man. 

Villanelle tries to pull Eve out of the house and to the street. She freaks the hell out until Villanelle smacks her. She needed a surprise to knock her out of shock. Like hiccups.

Villanelle uses the situation to her advantage conning the guards into thinking she's going shopping and needs the maid's help.

Eve is still freaking out. She ran out on Hugo to protect her. Villanelle teases her mercilessly. She wants a nice photo for her funeral and not the mugshot with a bandana.

Eve will get a car and meet in front of the hotel. Eve takes her good old time walking back.

When she arrives, it's all been cleaned. Kenny did it at Carolyn's request.

Carolyn wanted Aaron dead knowing fully well Eve wouldn't be able to stay on track and the end result would be Peel's death.

After their conversation, Villanelle finds Konstantin watching her. He tells her to leave Eve behind. It's not safe. He's risking a lot to save her. He laughs in her face when it's suggested Raymond would have already killed her if not for him. 

Then he reveals that Raymond was asked to refrain from the kill until Aaron was dead. Konstantin is going back to his family. That's what families do. He drops a tease that not all of Villanelle's family are dead.

Villanelle says she won't leave Eve behind because they are the same. She's sure of it.

Getting the gun from the car consol, Villanelle heads into the hotel to find her love. Raymond is waiting with an ax, and a fight to the death ensues.

Eve kills Raymond with the ax thrusting it may times into his head, all at the prodding of Villanelle. 

Raymond is trying to strangle Villanelle when Eve arrives. Villanelle could reach into her pants and get the gun, but she wants the drama. The excitement. And for Eve to become more the same as Villanelle.

Eve follows Villanelle into the tunnels of the city. 

Carolyn delivers to Konstantin the details on his family and they part.

Eve frantically beats her way out of the tunnels. Villanelle wonders if she's OK but she is also impressed when Eve shows the structure no mercy.

They emerge into ruins of a collisium.

Villanelle is very happy. She wants to cook Eve dinner. They should go to Alaska. Nobody will bother them there. They'd be normal. She has money so Eve doesn't need to worry about it.

Birds fly, and Villanelle grabs her gun. For the second time in a day, Eve feels used.

Villanelle wanted her a mess, scared. Well, she's not scared anymore. Villanelle declares her love, but Eve counters that she doesn't know the meaning of love.

You're mine!! Eve ultimately turns her back on Villanelle and gets shot in the back.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Eve: Oh my god, you're alive.
Hugo: I played dead. It's a hero's technique.
Eve: Villanelle used the safe word!
Hugo: It's a bit late for that.

I got you a coffee, Mrs. Robinson.