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Villanelle meets with Carolyn to discuss a job offer. She doesn't want to kill anymore, so Carolyn says she's of no use to her.

Dasha dies in the hospital. Konstantin tells her to forget her chance at peace with her son.

Villanelle invites Eve to meet her at a dancing lounge. Villanelle tells Eve she wishes she was happy and carefree. The two of them slow dance together and talk about what their futures could look like together, until they're interrupted by an assassin from The Twelve.

Villanelle gives Eve the note Konstantin gave her.

Carolyn tells Geraldine to leave her house.

Eve goes to the location of Konstantin's note. She picks up a package. She runs into Konstantin while leaving.

Bear tells Carolyn that new security camera footage reveals Konstantin was there the day Kenny died.

Konstantin asks Eve for the package, who refuses to give it to him. She'll only give it to Villanelle. The package has a barcode on it to a box full of money and supplies to run away.

Villanelle visits Eve's office. She scares Eve's co-workers before leaving to meet Eve and Konstantin.

Carolyn tells Konstantin to meet her. Eve and Villanelle accompany him. Carolyn is holding Paul at gunpoint.

She questions Konstantin on the events surrounding Kenny's death. He tells her he was trying to save Kenny. He wanted him to work for The Twelve because he was already getting to close to them. Kenny got scared and stepped back, and fell to his death.

Carolyn struggles to believe him and tries to work up the nerve to shoot him. Instead, she shoots Paul and lets Konstantin walk.

Villanelle refuses to go with Konstantin.

Eve is angry at Carolyn for killing Paul, since he was a source to The Twelve.

Eve storms out and Villanelle follows. She catches up to her on a bridge.

They realize they both had a hand in Dasha's death. Villanelle tells Eve she doesn't want to kill anymore. 

They talk about how they've changed each other's lives. Eve asks for Villanelle's help to make the pain stop.

Villanelle tells Eve to turn and walk away from her, and to never look back. They both walk away from each other, but at the last second turn and look back.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Eve: Are you leading or am I?
Villanelle: I have no idea.

Villanelle: Imagine if I refused. What do you think I would've become? Interior designer, maybe?
Eve: If you had, it would've saved me a lot of heartache.