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Eve visits Niko in the hospital, he tells her to piss off forever.

Villanelle is promoted to a keeper. However, she'll be doing the same work, not giving orders.

Eve heads to Barcelona to meet Dasha. She doesn't believe Villanelle is reponsible for trying to kill Niko, and wants her to prove it.

Villanelle asks Konstantin if she can come on his trip with Irina. They're running away from the Twelve. He tries to tell her no but she insists.

Carolyn questions whether Paul works for the Twelve.

Villanelle picks Irina up from school and takes her driving. She figures out that Konstantin is planning to run to Cuba.

Carolyn finds out Kenny called Konstantin the night he died. She threatens Konstantin until he tells her that Kenny called to find out if he was his father.

Carolyn and Geraldine discuss their differences. 

Paul tells Konstantin to find out who ordered the murder of Krueger's wife.

Eve confronts Dasha. 

Villanelle messes up during a kill and gets injured. Dasha checks on her, and Villanelle tells her that she doesn't want to do this anymore.

Eve visits Niko again but doesn't go inside.

Konstantin goes to pick up Irina to leave for Cuba early. She kills her stepfather in front of him.


Killing Eve
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