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Eve has a rude encounter with a man outside of Kenny's wake. The man was Kenny's boss at his new job.

Konstantin makes an appearance at the wake. He tries to keep Eve quiet about the nature of Kenny's death and attempts to comfort Carolyn.

Eve still has Kenny's phone. 

Geraldine, Carolyn's daughter, clashes with her mother over how she's processing her grief.

Carolyn tries to talk to Eve, but Eve leaves angrily.

Villanelle moves into a beautiful new place paid for by The Twelve. Dasha warns her to not develop any relationships in the neighborhood.

Villanelle has to train a new recruit to prove she deserves her promotion.

Carolyn tries to return to work, but is encouraged to take time off.

Konstantin is told he has to stay in London longer than he anticipated.

Carolyn visits Eve at work to tell her that Villanelle is active again. Eve reminds her that she no longer works for her.

Villanelle is assigned to guide new recruit, Felix, on his first job.

Kenny's boss finds out Eve has his phone and demands it's returned.

Eve exchanges the phone for the rest of Kenny's files on his thumbdrive.

Villanelle meets Felix. He's nineteen. He reveals that he killed a bully who beat up his boyfriend in high school and his entire family. 

Konstantin runs into Geraldine. He gives her a magnet.

Villanelle and Felix show up at a kid's birthday party dressed as clowns.

Felix's plan goes awry and the murder becomes messy. Villanelle steps in and kills the victim, as well as Felix.

Kenny's phone reveals he was seeing his co-worker Audrey. 

Eve steals the phone back when it's revealed that the police have his thumbdrive.

Carolyn meets with Audrey to learn how Kenny was feeling prior to his death.

Carolyn sits in her car.

Eve visits Carolyn. They decide to work together to figure out what happened to Kenny.

There's a microphone in the magnet Konstantin gave to Carolyn's daughter, listening into everything they're saying.

Konstantin visits Villanelle. He tells her Eve is alive.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Don't pretend for one second that you ever think of anyone but yourself.


Poor Kenny.