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Eve arrives at a building and makes her way through it.

Villanelle sits in jail, brooding.

Eve calls out for someone, and then Helene reveals herself.

They are in a west-end theater.

Eve and Helene have a conversation about the people that they are looking for.

They compete with each other, trying to one-up each other.

Konstantin and Pam head into a hotel, where he wants to know more about her.

They have a discussion about her and his expectations.

Yusuf tells Eve that they are a step ahead of Helene because they know what the target looks like,

Helene visits Villanelle in jail.

She convinces Villanelle to kill again and offers her more money to do it (which she takes).

Carolyn arrives in Cuba.

Konstantin wants Pam to push a woman in the water, but she refuses.

Eve and Yusuf find another picture of their target but are unable to find out where he lives or exactly who he is.

Carolyn finds herself face to face with a member of the Twelve, who won't tell her anything.

She gets kidnapped.

Helene threatens Konstantin with information. She knows that he stole money from the Twelve, and will tell them if he refuses to train Pam.

Villanelle kidnapped Carolyn and wacks her with a metal wrench.

Pam spends the day at a carnival.

Villanelle lets Carolyn talk, about their relationship and agrees to get lunch before she kills Carolyn.

Eve searches for more pictures of their target.

Carolyn reveals that she has the member of the Twelve in the house, injured.

Villanelle gets intrigued and agrees to torture him to get more info out of him and to spare Carolyn's life.

She cuts off his fingers one by one, and she gets the info she needs out of him.

Pam shoves Konstantin into the water, and he is proud of her.

Villanelle and Carolyn go to the location that Villanelle tortured out of the man, where Carolyn runs into an old flame that she thought was dead.

Helene and Eve have a conversation about what their next moves are.

Eve joins Helene in the bathtub, and then they share dinner.

Villanelle and Carolyn plan on continuing to work together.

Helene and Eve talk about their lives and their passion, and Eve goes in for a kiss.

They sensually kiss and Eve can't help but picture Villanelle.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Helene: Do you know what passion is? People think it’s sex, excitement, but the actual definition of passion is to suffer. That’s what it is about Villanelle, isn’t it?
Eve: You love this, don’t you? It delights you.
Helene: I think it delights you. This is what you want.

Carolyn: Isn’t it refreshing? To eat in silence? So many people are just bags of gas, expelling air when they have nothing of great worth to say.
Villanelle: Just farting from their mouths.