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The Killjoys were trying to cope with D'avin almost killing both Dutch and John.

Knowing that their team was broken, John takes out a Level 1 warrant and sends Dutch and D'avin to handle it. Of course, the entire thing proved to be a team-building exercise designed to allow the pair to work through their issues.

Back on Westerly, a toxic Black Rain storm hit and several questionable characters took shelter in Pree's bar. Johnny identifies one as a guy who robbed an immigration center and made off with a ton of seventh generation claim IDs.

John warns Pawter and Pree they're in the line of fire, as a Company agent makes his move. Agent Feraanz confronts the criminal in question, Kal Csoort, and a shootout takes place.

The man is wounded, causing Pawter to step forward and offer medical assistance. During surgery, John learns that Pawter's suffering from Jakk withdrawals. He and Alvis head underground to score a hit.

Meanwhile aboard Lucy, John appears on the monitors and says, "Hey guys, you're feeling adrift. Guess what? Me too." He basically opened the lines of communication via a game. Every time Dutch or D'av answered honestly, they were allowed a move. Once all the pieces were back in place, Lucy's engines would start up again.

As they worked through their issues, Lucy gave them the bad news... "Warning. We seem to be caught in the rain's magnetic flux."

John and Alvis met a resistance contact of his who supplied the Jakk. Pawter quickly noticed it was dirty, but took the hit anyway. Surgery was a success, she saved Csoort's life. However, John was forced to take down his restless partner just as the Company arrived.

When Dutch and D'avin were all out of ideas, they decided to drop the device on the ground. Lucy regained control and flew to Old Town.

D'avin admitted to John the team was broken but he was ready to figure out how to fix things. John did not let his brother off the hook that easily. After taking off and leaving his younger brother to deal with their parents, D'avin resurfaced only to ruin his team as well.

John could not believe his brother gave him a comic to apologize for stabbing him. D'avin needs to figured out how to fix things.

Aboard Lucy, John reads Dutch the comic book and the two share a laugh.

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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

John: Hey guys, you're feeling adrift. Guess what? Me too. See, we've been through a lot, but right now we're a bit stuck. On the plus side, we've been through a lot and we'll get through this too. But first, you have to answer the big question. Are we a team?
Dutch: I'm gonna kill him. Sorry, bad choice of words.
D'avin: Nah.
John: So I'm forcing you to do the one thing that you hate; talk. Every time you both answer honestly, you get to make a move. Move all the pieces back into place and Lucy starts up again.

John: Hey hey, do exactly what I say we're in the line of fire.
Pree: What?
John: It's a Company flash. Those guys, they just hit an immigration center. Shot two guards and made off with a ton of seventh generation claim IDs.
Pree: Oh damn.
John: See that dude over there? He's Company. Get to cover before he does something stupid.
Pree: Too late.