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In Old Town, D'avin is working a disorderly warrant as a solo Killjoy. His mark is putting up a fight and the two bump into a cart containing Alvis' supply of secret weapons. D'avin assures the monk he has no interest in his revolution.

Dutch pays D'avin an uncomfortable visit and returns a suitcase of clothing.

Aboard the ship, Johnny informs Dutch he's got a surprise for her. His friend Carleen from Utopia, the girl that fixed Khlyen's neural link, is there to help them locate her former mentor. The tech-wiz sends Dutch on a cerebral projection trip through Khlyen's mind. There she sees a podium with plasma, and the trio assume it's some kind of advanced computer system.

When John and Carleen are forced to pull Dutch out due to her unstable vitals, she informs them she's located Khlyen. "Khlyen is part of the RAC, John. What if he was part of it this whole time?" Dutch asks Johnny.

She goes on to describe Khlyen as an officer (on Level 71) who works "interstellar" introducing the RAC to places that need order. Later that day, she experiences a pleasant memory from her childhood and tells John that Khlyen always protected her.

D'avin makes a deal with Alvis for an EMP and recommends using the excuse of dissolving the team to enter the RAC. Unfortunately, Turin who has always been suspicious of Dutch appears. He questions their claim, but D'avin manages to convince him he wants out.

In reality, he was just buying time and sets off the electromagnetic pulse (known as the little colonel) effectively shutting down the RAC.

While Dutch makes her way up to Khlyen on Level 71, Johnny goes hunting for the plasma processor. He manages to access it, copying several of Khlyen's files to a portable drive. Unfortunately, he's unable to decipher the intel later on.

Turin captures D'avin and questions him about Red 17, the code name the trio came across on that abandoned torture cruiser. Of course, D'avin knows nothing about this and he soon realizes neither does Turin. The guy was fishing for information.

Dutch enters Khlyen's office, but he quickly disarms her. The two face off, until Dutch threatens her own life. "Was it wrong of me to protect you all these years?" Khlyen asks her. He changed the girl sure, from a victim to a weapon. Khlyen confesses he had been training Dutch to be a RAC agent all her life, but she really has no idea what the RAC is. She then storms out of the room.

John attempts to take a sample of the plasma and triggers an alarm. He and D'avin make their way to Lucy and board the ship. Unfortunately, the alarm has set off a lock down that can only be disarmed from outside. Dutch appears and sends the guys to safety assuring them she will catch up with them later. Turin tracked her down and shoots her in the leg.

Needless to say, Khlyen isn't too pleased with Turin and runs him through with a sword. He then carries Dutch to safety promising her the team will suffer no repercussions. After all, she will need them for what's coming. He then shares a secret... he's Level 6.

Back in Old Town, Alvis turns himself in to The Company who are framing him for a massacre on Leith. Is this the start of a civil war?

Dutch is reunited with Johnny and D'avin. When John goes to get Pawter for medical assistance, Dutch confides in D'avin that Khlyen is Level 6.

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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

D'avin: If you had anything incriminating on these agents, you would have arrested them the second they stepped onto the station. Sir.
Turin: He's bossy, I like him. So why don't you?
Dutch: It didn't work out.
Turin: You sleep with him?
John: Hey.
Dutch: Yes.
Turin: Haha and made the jilted Jaqobis mad. You're such a piece of work.
D'avin: I'm the one who screwed up. I'm the one they're here to report on.
Turin: You shut up, bossy.
D'avin: Because I beat her, then stabbed him.
Turin: You attacked your own team? The RAC takes assault on its own very seriously.
D'avin: Then I wanna speak to a rep, but first I want to know that this break up is official.

Dutch: Khlyen is part of the RAC, John. What if he was part of it this whole time? What if I never really escaped?
John: Well then, let's finally set you free.
Dutch: No matter what it takes.
John: I'll clear my schedule.
Dutch: The bad news is the RAC is in the most heavily fortified station in the Quad.
John: Yeah but the good news is, our badges get us in the front door.