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In a quick flashback, we see masked scarbacks lay waste to the Leithian Bazaar.

This is the massacre The Company is framing Alvis for. He's being held at Westhole prison for sedition and mass murder. "When it rains, it poops" Johnny says attempting to diffuse the tension. Though Alvis is a revolutionary, Dutch knows he'd never kill innocent civilians.

Dutch tells the guys Khlyen told her she needed her team for what was coming. When she mentions Level 6, D'avin says "Red 17. Turin brought it up. He said you're on some kind of a list." If Carleen can decrypt Khlyen's files, they might stand a fighting chance.

Suddenly, a priority broadcast rings out. Alvis pleads guilty to the attack on Leith and accepts his fate. Dutch decides they have to free Alvis.

While Dutch visits Alvis at Westhole, the Jacobis brothers pay Bellus a visit on Leith.

The former Killjoy informs John & D'avin that Level 6 has always been a rumor. She's heard whispers that Killjoys are forced into Level 6. There's also talk of gene splicing, reanimation and other crazy stuff.

Alvis asks Dutch for a favor. He needs the entry codes to the self-sustaining bunkers underneath Old Town.

Meanwhile, Johnny contacts Carleen who begins decrypting Khlyen's files. She programs secure updates for John every six hours. Unfortunately, Khlyen managed to track her down and murders her. Johnny hid the liquid in D'avin's room at the Royale.

The Killjoys dress up as scarbacks and seek an audience with the rat king. Though the man doesn't trust them at first, Johnny performs a blood blessing on his sick sister and the rat king hands over the entry codes. He also gives them the ID tags of the scarback imposters responsible for the Leith attack.

D'avin turns those tags over to Hills on Westerley, but Dutch and John are called to Delle Seyah's side at the Ancestral Hall on Qresh. They're her bodyguards for the ceremony due to death threats. Pawter asks Johnny to deliver a message to her mother, who turns out to be one of The Nine. The woman tells him she has no daughter.

Back in Old Town, D'avin sees Khlyen ransacking his room. The villain finds the liquid vial, but though Dutch warns him to stay clear of her old mentor D'avin decides to follow him. The two soon come face to face.

John receives an automated transmission showing Khlyen killing Carleen. Dutch tells Johnny they have to head back to Westerley to stop D'avin from doing something stupid. Before they reach Lucy though, Dutch spots the genetic bomb they had seen previously on Leith.

She manages to wrestle it away from the assassin, but Delle Seyah triggers the bomb disintegrating one of the Nine families. When John stops Delle Seyah for answers, she tells him it's called a coup and that Khlyen wanted Dutch away from Old Town.

Speaking of Dutch, the assassin calls her "Khlyen's pet" and a fight breaks out. Though he gets the upper hand, John arrives and kills the Level 6 mutant. The duo rush to their ship and realize The Company is about to bomb Westerley.

Our heroes manage to get the folks at the Royale to safety underground as alarms ring out in Old Town.

Khlyen beats D'avin to a bloody pulp and tells him "When she took her first kill warrant, I knew she was ready to return to our work." Defeated, D'avin asks for Khlyen to finish him off, but the villain has something more productive in mind.

Alvis uses a string of pearls Dutch brought him to knock out his guard and break free. The two run into each other in the tunnels and Pawter decides to stay behind with the resistance in case they need a doctor.

When the group returns to the hanger, Hills' team refuses to let them leave. She lays into him hard and learns he had no knowledge of the bombing. Dutch figures out Hills is the one who triggered the alarm. He gave folks a chance to seek shelter and also lets Dutch go.

As The Company begins its attack on Old Town, Dutch realizes Khlyen has D'avin and they take off. She asks Lucy to record a message and broadcast it on loop to D'avin. "I know you're out there. And I know that you'll eventually hear me. I want you to know we're never giving up. Wherever he's taken you, whatever he's done to you... I will find you" Dutch promises.

D'avin wakes to screams and staggers outside to realize he's on Arkyn; base "Red 17."

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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

D'avin: Okay, what if we say screw all this, get on Lucy and don't look back?
Dutch: The three of us?
D'avin: Yeah, the three of us.
Dutch: I can't, not until I'm done with Khlyen.
D'avin: I know.

Dutch: Khlyen told me something when I was leaving. He said I needed my team, that something was coming. I think he meant to the Quad.
John: Like what?
Dutch: That's all he said.
D'avin: I think maybe you should leave.
John: Maybe. You. Should. Leave.
D'avin: No... I mean both of you. Take Lucy, be a moving target. You stole his shit, he's gonna come looking for you.
Dutch: So we better make sure we're ready for when he does.
D'avin: How?
Dutch: Well first, I need to know everything about Khlyen, Level 6...
D'avin: Red 17?
Dutch: What?
D'avin: Turin brought it up. He said you're on some kind of a list.