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Johnny tinkers with Khlyen's neural link and the team briefly sees his image.

In order to understand how the device works, John decides to insert it in his neck. Meanwhile, Dutch and D'avin head outside for a friendly shooting game. Once Dutch feels a bit better, D'av asks about her feelings.

Suddenly, John radios from the ship and the others rush inside. They find the gadget guy on the floor in terrible pain. "In my defense, in scientific research there's a very thin line between stupid and genius" John tells them.

The trio heads to Westerly and visits Dr. Pawter. She removes the device, but it breaks. When Pawter tells D'avin she called him from jail, he admits to ignoring her calls. She realized he was pulling a fade, but was still kind enough to provide the location of one of Dr. Jaeger's old patients.

While Johnny knocks out the night nurse, D'avin and Dutch locate Grayson. "I think the doctor who messed you up did the same thing to me" D'avin tells him. Grayson agrees to help them as long as they take him along for the ride.

At an underground black market known as Utopia, Grayson locates Dr. Bliss while Johnny gets some information on the neural link from Carleen. She informs him it's highly advanced "living technology" from outside the Quad.

Dr. Bliss tells the Killjoys that she was Jaeger's assistant and that the woman had no vision. She was only interested in removing memories. They parted ways and Bliss began to provide memory mods to clients at Utopia.

After that disappointing meeting, Dutch is arrested for breaking Grayson out of the institution. She's visited by Delle Seyah Kendry, who calls her by her real name; Yalena. Dutch agrees to owe her a future favor in exchange for her freedom and a meeting with Dr. Jaeger.

The Killjoys finally find Jaeger hiding out at a company "Black Site." D'avin questions her about his missing memories, but she denies any wrongdoing. The doctor informs D'av had a psychotic break and killed his squad. The government covered it up by blocking those memories.

Frustrated, the team returns to Lucy. Johnny gets a call, the neural link had been repaired so he leaves to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Dutch and D'avin soon find themselves in the sack, despite John's warning not to plow their sister.

Unfortunately, Dr. Jaeger switches D'avin on post-coitus and he attempts to kill Dutch. She manages to subdue him in the cargo hold.

When John gets back, Dutch explains what happened and that she was going to visit Jaeger. She warns Johnny that D'av is dangerous, but his big brother overpowers him and stabs John with a dagger. 

D'avin makes his way to Jaeger's lab, leaving Johnny a bloody mess on the floor. Lucy contacts Pawter, who appears in time to save John's life.

At Jaeger's lab, Dutch learns the doctor's mandate was to turn soldiers against their own forces. D'avin was supposed to be a test subject, but his determination to kill cost Jaeger her job. It turns out, it was Jaeger who took out that original kill warrant when the company left her to her own devices.

Dutch decides to destroy all the woman's research and wipes Jaeger's mind. Quite a taste of her own medicine.

Johnny pulled through surgery to everyone's relief and Dutch hugged Pawter warmly for having saved his life.

Back at the ship, D'avin assures Dutch he would never do anything to hurt her or John. "That wasn't really me" he tells her. "But it was me, I can't be okay with that" she responds before walking away.

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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Dr. Bliss: I was her assistant when the company first brought he over to the Quad.
Dutch: Not a good fit?
Dr. Bliss: Well, she had no vision. She was a total corporate whore. I told her there's a huge consumer need for this type of service. We could've cornered the market, but oh no she wanted to dance with the ones that brought her.
D'avin: So she stayed with the company and you stole her technique?
Dr. Bliss: No, I improved it. Jaeger just removed memories; I implant them.

Pawter: I'll give you Grayson's location. I hope your team can use him to find Jaeger.
D'avin: Where is he?
Pawter: Somewhere I sincerely hope you don't end up.