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Dutch and Khlyen appear to be having a pleasant time at Keffree Tea House.

Unfortunately, an airborne toxin soon forces Dutch to take action. Khlyen kills several people simply to test if Dutch's training is in tact.

Back at the ship, D'avin flirts with Dutch after she teases him about his new relationship with Dr. Pawter. Lucy announces a "black warrant" and Dutch informs D'avin that it's a "Competitive warrant, top Killjoys only. Best team wins."

Johnny enters Pree's bar and salutes all the pirates and ruffians. Turin arrives to share details about the mission. Big Joe, a legendary Killjoy, is wanted in connection with a stolen ship/weapon. The Company is hot on his trail and if they figure out he's a Killjoy it's bad news for everyone.

Pawter would like to continue D'avin therapy sessions, but he asks for a break.

Spider Drakos teases Johnny about Level 6, a special training camp on Arkyn. Dutch tells D'avin it's an urban legend, but Spider swears it's real.

Khlyen makes arrangements for Dutch to arrive in Leith ahead of the others. He implants a neural link in order to accompany her on this quest for Big Joe. She quickly locates the missing ship, but Joe has run off with the weapon. Suddenly, Dutch is shot.

Johnny and D'avin could not reach Dutch, but they proved resourceful getting information out of Coren Jeers. While preparing to leave, Fancy Lee joins the brothers offering to use his bloodhound to locate Dutch. All they need is something she touched like underwear or a bra. "Pervert" D'avin calls out.

Pawter got Hills drunk in an attempt to discover Dr. Jaegar's location. Needless to say, Hills did not appreciate this and had her arrested.

On Leith, Dutch is reunited with Big Joe who apologizes for shooting her. Then, several Leithian rebels capture them and take them to their compound. Big Joe confesses he has no idea what the weapon is for. D'avin enters while shots ring out in the field. Innis Kotler cuts himself on the device and when he triggers it is reduced to a pile of ashes. That's not all, his entire family was wiped out as well.

Johnny theorizes the weapon is a genetic bomb, and would be devastating to high-born families like The Nine.

Dutch hoped to trade the bomb for mercy, but Hills has Joe's warrant upgraded to Level 5. Refusing to spend his last days as a target, Big Joe begs Dutch to end his life. Dutch simply can not find it in her to do so. Fancy Lee steps in and does the deed. "Joe would have wanted it that way" Fancy told the other Killjoys present.

Aboard Lucy, Dutch finally tells the Jaqobis brothers about Khlyen and vows to kill him.

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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Turin: The company is looking hard for this ship. If they find out the thief's a Killjoy, that's bad for all of us; especially Joe. We find him first. We find him fast. This is your warrant.
Group: The warrant is all.
Turin: Oh and as a little extra inventive, the Killjoy who brings him in gets ten thousand joy.

D'avin: Okay guys what the hell's a black warrant?
Dutch: Competitive warrant, top Killjoys only. Best team wins.
John: In other words, grab your shiniest toys and your biggest balls. You're about to meet the family.