Dutch Undercover - Killjoys
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Dutch, Johnny and D'avin walk toward the RED 17 base, while explosions go off in the background.

Once inside, the trio comes across Fancy Lee who we last saw undergoing the Level 6 procedure.

D'avin begins to remember where he was held and warns Dutch they are walking into a trap. However, she is determined to find out exactly what Khlyen is up to. The two embrace and kiss.

Suddenly, we realize D'av is dreaming and he is being experimented on by RED 17 doctors. Not good.

Back on Lucy, Johnny attempts to send a probe down to the planet and it is fried by Arkyn's defense shield. There just had to be another way down there.

Johnny mentions the infamous Connaver gang and the fact they got their hands on some tech that protects their ship upon entering Arkyn.

Bellus informs Dutch, Johnny and Pree there is an outstanding warrant out for the shield. The catch is to enter Eulogy, you've got to be a known criminal with stolen goods to barter.

As it turns out, our favorite bartender has a few skeleton's in his closet. He's the genuine article, a criminal known in the J as Big Daddy Scrimshaw.

With Pree's credentials, the team easily infiltrated Eulogy. While Johnny and Pree gambled and created a diversion, Dutch located the Connaver device which had been implanted inside hack-mod Clara.

The trio, with Clara in tow, blasted their way out of Eulogy and raced toward Arkyn.

On Arkyn, D'avin's body rejected the green-goo which fascinated Khlyen enough to kill his scientists and set D'avin free.

Khlyen told D'avin to protect Yalena and he would handle the mysterious Black Root, which appears to be yet another nefarious organization in the Quad. Several soldiers took Khlyen hostage.

Dutch and Johnny released Fancy Lee from Red 17, but D'avin knew their old adversary was Level 6. They shot him, and Khlyen's new soldier accompanied his frozen body home.

Clara was released on a technicality, as she was no longer a person under Company law. She made sure Lucy had her "numbers" though, which means the team may see her again.

D'avin explained to Dutch that he was no longer sure Khlyen was her enemy. What if there's a whole other level above him? D'av asked her. And why did he see Dutch killing scarbacks on Arkyn in a vision?

One thing's for sure, Dutch needs some answers... pronto.

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Killjoys Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Dutch: I'm just looking for a device. It belonged to the Connavers. They use it to get into Arkyn.
Clara: Why do you want it?
Dutch: My partner, he's trapped down there. He needs my help.

Dutch: Johnny, Khlyen's had D'avin down there for five days. Five! If we don't find him now we may not find him at all.
Johnny: We can't even be sure that he's still down there.
Dutch: You're right, let's go find out.