The Monk's Guidance - Killjoys
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Killjoys Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Turin: I gotta go dark for a while. Clean house. You and your team are on your own.
Dutch: You're taking Sabine then, right?
Turin: Can't do it. Her people will probably send the Black Root for her here.
Dutch: Khlyen mentioned them. What are they?
Turin: They're like a secret police of the Sixes. Keep their people in line.

Dutch: It's Sabine.
Johnny: Yeah.
Dutch: It's Sabine in a bag.
Johnny: Yes.
Dutch: Johnny, why did you bring me Sabine in a bag?
Johnny: Not a lot of better options.
Dutch: Oh I think when you're in girl in bag territory you skipped way the hells past better choices. What is going on?
D'avin: She's a Six.