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Dutch and D'avin take down a couple of nasty hoodlums in Old Town, then he goes for a drink. Well, mostly to flirt with Sabine.

Meanwhile on Qresh, Pawter and Johnny visit the Simms Estate in the hopes her wicked mother will rescind the order of exile. Easier said than done.

At the Royale, D'av and Sabine are getting to know each other better when the conversation turns to his home planet. Suddenly, D'av hears an odd melody and passes out.

Little does he know, Khlyen is connected to him via the green-goo and approaching Telen. "Let's go meet the family" Khlyen tells Fancy.

On Telen, Khlyen confronts Marris Jaqobis and proceeds to interrogate the man using green-goo. He claims he hasn't heard from D'avin since he left for the military. Fancy Lee injects the man with green-goo.

Meanwhile on Qresh, Pawter begins to prep Johnny for the big formal family meal.

D'avin tells Dutch that he passed out at the Royale and hums the tune. Dutch instantly recognizes it and draws her weapon. "The only person who knows that song is Khlyen" she warns D'avin.

At the Simms Estate, the formal Qreshi dinner begins with a gong. Johnny goes through the motions awkwardly until Pawter's mother, "The Lady of the Land" arrives.

Needless to say, things do not go smoothly and her mother denies Pawter's request. Pawter runs off and Johnny follows.  

Then the majordomo, Castor, enters the room and shatters into a million tiny pieces of ice. The estate was under a bio-attack, and Pawter was forced to cut her sister's arm off when she became infected.

Khlyen learns that D'avin's father is not immune to the goo, but what about their mother? He tapped into D'av's mind again. Freaky Friday body switch!

D'av, inside Khlyen's body, sees his father passed out in a chair. Aboard Lucy, Khlyen in D'av's body fights off the warrants who broke free.

Dutch helps heal Khlyen's wounds saying, "I'm not going to let D'av's body die because you don't care about him." "On the contrary Yala, I care about him very much. That's why I'm here" Khlyen replies. He informs Dutch that D'avin is immune to the plasma, and he needs to understand why.

Back on Qresh, Johnny realizes there is a shield surrounding the estate. He soon learns that Pawter's mother created the pathogen as her way of rebelling against the powers that be. The woman intentionally infects herself to work on a cure and leaves Pawter a record of what the effects are on a human body.

Pawter begins working hard to resolve the situation and save the rest of her family, as well as Johnny. Unfortunately, a controlled explosion was the only thing that would stop the pathogen.

Johnny put on a diving suit and went out into the fog, only to be stopped by Hank the evil fiancée. Pawter's father risked his life to help John and gave him a few minutes to get to safety. Then Boom!

Aboard Lucy, Dutch shocked Khlyen's heart in the hopes of sending him back to his body. Before it worked, her old mentor realized the army experiments are what make D'avin special. He also told her she'll get her answers when she decodes the RED 17 transmission. Dutch was not that mystery girl on Arykn.

Khlyen returns to his body and informs Fancy Lee that they need to learn more about those army experiments to replicate them.

Pawter Seyah Simms takes her place as Lady of the Land. Johnny tells her he wants to give a shit, like she does. They can't tell the team. The two kiss.

D'avin tells Johnny it felt sleek being Khlyen and that their father seemed so small.

Dutch hugs Johnny telling him she's just glad he's okay. "You're my gravity Johnny Jaqobis" she says.

Johnny closes his eyes, disappointed in the lies that are coming.

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Killjoys Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Marris Jaqobis, we need to talk about your son D'avin.


Look here's what we're gonna do. You're going to get the order of exile rescinded and then I am going to take you to this little place on Leith to celebrate.