Pree Gets to Work - Killjoys
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Inside a cryo-pod a young man screams in terror.

Aboard Lucy, Dutch and D'avin wrestle while teasing one another playfully. It isn't long before Turin calls and informs the duo that he knows the whereabouts of the final RED 17 transmission.

"Prodigy school. Quadrant 4" Turin informs the Killjoys. "Why is Khlyen sending a transmission to a school?" Dutch wonders aloud.

Either way, Turin has setup an escort warrant for the latest batch of students for the team.

One of the kids is located in Old Town, so Dutch and D'av swing by the Royale for information. Pree introduces Sabine and D'av is instantly smitten. She tells them to try the east tenements.

Meanwhile in the Salt Plains, Pawter is arm-wrestling Big Borna for her freedom when Johnny arrives. Unfortunately, Borna learns Pawter is a doctor and wants to marry her off to one of her sons. A fight breaks out, and Johnny/Pawter escape.

Johnny isn't happy that Pawter put herself at risk at Spring Hill. "The company's building a cage for this entire moon. I can't just sit by and watch" she tells John. He offers her a spot on Lucy.

In Old Town Dutch warns D'avin that she needs Johnny focused, not galavanting around with the good doctor.

"Look, that's what makes us a great team. You lead. I shoot. Johnny gives a shit" D'av tells her.

Dutch and D'avin arrive in the east tenements and the boy's father refuses to turn him over as his older boy never returned from Prodigy. When he roughs up young Jake, D'av steps in because he hates bullies like his own father. They leave with the boy.

Jake tells D'av that its been three years since he's seen his brother. What if he doesn't want him around?

"That is not going to happen, because a brother will always have your back. Isn't that right Johnny?" he asks his brother.

"Yep, even if they stab you in it" John replies and the three laugh it off.

Once the group docks at Prodigy, they realize the place is abandoned. Where where all the children?

A familiar voice/face greets them. Delle Seyah Kendry was in charge of the project on behalf of the Nine. That can't be a good sign.

Dutch and Johnny discover that the school's cryo-pods are empty. Delle Seyah arrives and informs the Killjoys that the children learn while under cryostasis. She does not seem aware what's going on.

Delle Seyah questions Dutch about her real reason for being there. The Killjoy confesses she is tracking down Khlyen's RED 17 transmission.

Elsewhere, Johnny and Pawter reasearch the cryo-pods and soon realize the youngsters were all liquefied in their pod.   

Though the group is being stalked by the school's headmistress, Chambers, it turns out she is simply a hologram. Jake's brother, Olan, is the one terrorizing everyone.

His plan is to leave the station with his brother, but Jake realizes that something is wrong with Olan. Khlyen's transmission overloaded the pod's killing all the students and embedding the data in Olan's brain.

Johnny manages to convince Olan to be a better big brother, for Jake's sake. The young man is ashamed by his actions and ultimately agrees.

This little mission has made Dutch and Delle Seyah allies, whether Dutch likes it or not.

The Killjoys travel to the Scarback Monastery on Leith and Dutch asks Alvis to help unlock whatever's in Olan's head.

Elsewhere, Fancy Lee revives Khlyen then kills all the Black Root officers aboard the ship. The two set a course for the Jacobis home planet to learn the secrets of D'avin's immunity to the green-goo.

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Killjoys Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

The company's building a cage for this entire moon. I can't just sit by and watch. You work at the RAC. I don't want to get you in trouble.


Turin: I know where RED 17's last transmission went.
Dutch: Definitely not interrupting. Where?
Turin: Prodigy school. Quadrant 4.
D'av: Prodigy school?
Dutch: School for gifted Westie kids.