Pawter Is Still Fighting - Killjoys
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Dutch stares at herself in the mirror. However, when she bends down to pick something up her reflection stays put.

She questions D'avin about the girl he saw on Arkyn killing scarbacks. "I know your face. It's a good face" D'avin assures Dutch he could never mistake her face.

The trio returns to the RAC to get D'avin reinstated as a Killjoy. To their surprise, they find Turin alive and well after Khylen stabbed him through the midsection. The RAC officer easily welcomes D'avin back to the fold saying "Keep your enemy close, all that shit."

In order to get back into Old Town, Turin grants them a dangerous warrant issued by Company fixer Liam Jelco.

When they arrive at "The Wall," installed by The Company after the bombing, it identifies Pree as a Warlord. All four are shocked unconscious and wake to find themselves hanging in Jelco's fancy new biodome called "Spring Hill."

Pree is separated from his friends briefly, while Jelco explains the warrant. The Killjoys are to round up eight prisoners that managed to escape Westhole after a freak accident. Their main priority, however, is Tarren Tighmon a political activist considered a terrorist.

Old Town was devastated by the bombing, and Johnny even notices kid-sized body bags. The Royale was still standing, but briefly under new management. Dutch challenges new host Gared to a fight, winner takes The Royale. Despite being a big guy, he does not fare well.

At Westhole Prison, the Killjoys realize all the prisoners are mummified and learn that Tighmon managed to escape with a spare tank of whatever killed them.

When they are reunited with Pawter and Hills, the ex-Company officer explains the chemical is called the Aridity Solution. "There is no surviving it, don't think. You breathe it in, you die. No, you dry up then you die" Hills tells them.

He also warns them that Jelco's expertise at The Company was extraction and torture. The guy is quite a piece of work.

Dutch, Johnny and D'av locate Alvis who leads them to his old friend Tighmon. Unfortunately, Jelco planted trackers on the team and drones locate and kille Tighmon.

During the chaos, Alvis takes possession of the Aridity Solution tank and our heroes manage to escape. They make their way to the Spring Hill biodome.

Unfortunately, Pawter and Hills hatch a plan of their own which involves getting into Spring Hill. Pawter's plan was to contact her mother on Qresh for help, but it got Hills killed. She is now a "guest" of The Company.

At Spring Hill, Alvis decides to release the chemical into the ventilation system. When the Killjoys learn that Pawter is there, Alvis shuts the tank down. However, he breathes in the Aridity Solution and begins to dry up.

D'avin risks his life to save Alvis tackling him into a nearby pool of water. They practically drown him to save him. Dutch then performs CPR and Alvis lives.

Dutch asks for Alvis' help to get to the bottom of what's going down on Arkyn. The scarback monk agrees to help.

Suddenly, Lucy is unresponsive and she flies towards Westerley. In the Bad Lands, Turin explains his plan to team up with them for answers.

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Killjoys Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Hills: They called it the Aridity Solution. There is no surviving it, don't think. You breathe it in, you die. No, you dry up then you die.
Dutch: It's good to see you Hills.

D'avin: Now we need a warrant for Old Town.
Turin: Can I cook you breakfast too?
Johnny: We need to get a friend back inside The Company's Wall. We can't do that without a warrant.
Turin: We actually got one active warrant in Old Town and you don't want it.
Dutch: We'll take it.
Turin: Your funeral.