Extreme Measures - Killjoys
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Turin had Dutch and D'avin abduct RAC captains from three other sectors, to bring them into the loop about the Hullen. Dutch leads a raid of her own RAC ship to root out the remaining Hullen. Aneela stabs her lieutenant Gander for questioning her actions, Kendry convinces Aneela to spare him. Johnny pumps a paralytic agent into the RAC station, to knock everyone out so the raiders can test for Hullen. The raiders discover that the Hullen knew they were coming, and that there is a mole within their ranks. They're outnumbered and caught in an ambush. Nerd Benji is killed. Fancy tries to interrogate the captured Hullen, Katanz. Johnny and D'avin are captured by Hullen led by Radec, but Dutch escapes down a trash chute. Radec tortures Johnny to get D'avin to talk. Katanz plays head games with Fancy. Gander and Kendry bicker. The other captains suspect Fancy is the mole. Dutch sneaks her way to the armory. Dutch finds a genetic bomb there. Banyon gets the drop on Dutch. They battle and Dutch stabs her, only to discover she's human, not Hullen. McAvoy is the mole. Banyon and Dutch find out they want the same thing, but too late for Banyon. D'avin uses his power to control the green goo to blow up a Hullen, but not Radec. Radec knocks out D'avin and has him taken to his ship. Dutch rescues Johnny from the remaining Hullen. Fancy gets too close to Katanz, and they struggle until Fancy knocks her out. Turin hesitates to let Fancy out of Katanz's cage. Johnny sets off the genetic bomb to take out all the Hullen. The other captains promise their support, but Aneela blows up the other sector ships, so Dutch is left alone. Kendry and Aneela make out after that. 

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Cardiff: I'm not going to pretend I ever liked you, Turin, but I never took you for a traitor.
Turin: That's OK, Cardiff, I always took you for a moron.

My ears need a shower.

to D'avin}