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Dutch is drinking before a memorial service at Scarback Necropolis for the dead RAC agents, because she blames herself for their deaths. D'avin attempts to give her perspective. The KIljoys have to schmooze with the heads of the Nine Families at the service, in hope of getting their financial backing. Johnny thinks he can convince Pawter's sister Louella to help them, but she treats him coldly. Dutch can't give the eulogy, so D'avin takes over. After Alvis feeds a seed to each of those in attendance, the five dead admirals are shot out into the sun. Afterward, the Killjoys approach Kalla Seyon Trus about funding for the war against the Hullen, but he turns them down. Dutch figures out that the Nine plan to run and hide. Johnny chases after Louella, while the rest ride down in the elevator, which stops unexpectedly, and Seyah Melloc is found dead. While Aneela is absorbed in her lab, Gander abducts Kendry. Aneela finds everyone gone, so she climbed into her tub of green goo. Another Nine leader dies. Kendry figures out that Aneela's ship is actually her prison. They're trying to diagnose Aneela's unique abilities. Zephyr walks Dutch through an autopsy, and a robotic bug flies out of the body. Aneela reaches out with her mind and envisions Khlyen. Louella is killing off the Nine with an invention of her mother's, a seed which burrows into the ground. She blames them for the loss of her family. Johnny releases the elevator so it's out of Louella's range. Dutch shoots the brake just in time to keep the elevator from crashing. Brienn calls Aneela back from her vision. Aneela attacks Gander and his troops, but she can't find Kendry, who has been hidden and impregnated. Dutch takes off with Zephyr to see brain cells from the Remnant, a close match to Dutch.

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Dutch: Tough love is supposed to have some love in it.
D'avin: Sorry. Soldier D'avin is kind of a dick.

Dutch: Virgins don't prep this much for wedding nights, D'av. It's morbid.
D'avin: It's not morbid. It's ritual. Everything important deserves a ritual.