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Alvis tells the history of Reckoning Night to an acolyte. Dutch explains her connection to Aneela to D'avin. She forbids D'avin from telling Johnny. A Hullen ship slips past the RAC's defenses, and everyone is shocked to see Kendry alive. She's come to do parlay, only with Johnny alone. She announces she's carrying D'avin's baby. Kendry demands the RAC forces give up Dutch. Zephyr suggests trapping Aneela inside Khlyen's cube. D'avin suggests planting a false memory in the green to lure Aneela. They draft Pip to help them. They plan to use the Hullen prisoner, Kattan, to get the false memory implanted. Kendry wants Johnny to scan her so she can find out what she is carrying. The baby has D'avin and Aneela's DNAs.Johnny figures out that if the Hullen don't need humans as hosts, then they might wipe out the humans. Fancy releases Turin so he can join the battle. Kattan is implanted with the false memory D'avin and Dutch staged. While Dutch and D'avin celebrate, Kattan gets loose and takes Pip hostage. Pip crashes Dutch's ship. Dutch and Kattan fight, and the Hullen gets her hands on the green and warns the Hullen, undoing the Killjoys' plan. Johnny tries to get Kendry to stay, then takes her prisoner. He figures the Hullen heir makes a great bargaining chip. D'avin flushes Kattan out of the airlock. D'avin explains Dutch's situation to Johnny, and they all agree it's the only option. Then Dutch visits Alvis and stabs him with a reckoning knife.

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

D'av, [Aneela's] a psychotic bitch with daddy issues. Trust me. I know the type.


Alvis: You found them!
Female acolyte: It wasn't hard. Scarbacks and knives ... it's kind of your thing.