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After failing to get Johnny to turn on Dutch, Banyon reinstates him as a RAC agent. Dutch and D'avin show Johnny the Hullen ship. He also meets Zephyr, the new nerd, and they clash immediately. The ladder to the Hullen ships comes down. Dutch decides to take the ship where it last went. Despite being reborn as a Hullen, Kendry remains arrogant. She sets off Aneela on a murderous rage when she tells Aneela that Khlyen is dead. On the planet where the ship takes them, Dutch and D'avin discover an old-time village. A solar flare hits. A young girl, Quin, leads them to safety. Johnny helps an anxious Zephyr calm down. Testing a theory, Zephyr disappears with the ship, just as Johnny has been captured by a Guardian. The trio is mistaken for The Undying, another name for the Hullen, and they go along with it. Quin tells D'avin that he came there three days ago in the same ship, looking for the Remnant, but he doesn't remember it. Khlyen was the one who shut down the Hullen facility 30 years ago. Johnny sent out a fake message that the Undying had returned to get everyone topside. The Remnant is hidden in an altar. D'avin promises to take Quin with them. The Last Seer, a former Hullen, promises the Unseeing residents that the Undying will someday return, and tells them to kill Dutch. Zephyr returns in the midst of another solar flare, and they escape. Zephyr removes the stitches from Quin's eyes so she can see again. Johnny explains to Zephry that their job is to protect Dutch and D'avin, and gives her the Remnant to solve. Dutch figured out that D'avin has control of the fleet, thanks to Khlyen. Kendry promises to bring Aneela to her father's killer.

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Banyon: And I thought you were the funny one.
Johnny: I multitask.

Johnny: Well, not to brag or anything, but it involves saving people, lots of people, from pirates.
Banyon: Save the bullshit for Turin.