Going to War - Killjoys
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Aneela's armada arrives. Zephyr gives Dutch a device to inject Aneela with her lost memories. Johnny shows Dutch the dead Alvis. Dutch confronts Kendry about whether Aneela killed Alvis. Hullen break in to abduct Dutch and free Kendry. Johnny figures out that Aneela is passing as Dutch, but she gets the drop of him, until Lucy unleashes a sonic signal that disorients her. D'avin runs to Johnny's side, while Turin takes command. Turin waits until all the Hullen ships are within the kill zone, then Pree turns on the sonic disrupter, disabling those ships.  Zephyr saves Johnny from a collapsed lung. The Cleansed pilots pick off Hullen ships. D'avin and the injured Johnny head to Aneela's ship to help Dutch, not realizing she's a prisoner. The Hullen track the disrupter and attack the ground forces, causing the disrupter to be shut down. D'avin and Johnny sneak onto Aneela's ship, only to be caught by Kendry. Aneela takes Dutch to Necropolis. Aneela, enraged after Dutch speaks of Khlyen, attacks her. Turin pulls back the cleansed pilots to the RAC station, which is being overrun by Hullen. The Jaqobis convince Kendry that if Dutch dies, so does Aneela. Turin sends Fancy to rescue Pree and the ground forces. Dutch injects Aneela, overwhelming her with memories. Dutch and Aneela discuss Dutch's origins. Turin gets captured by the Hullen. Dutch and Aneela agree to go into the green, to fight The Lady, just as D'avin, Johnny and Kendry arrive. The Lady's Hullen are attacking the RAC. So Lucy sets loose the Necropolis elevator containing the trio. D'avin and Johnny get Kendry to call off the Hullen invasion, so they can concentrate on saving Dutch and Aneela. Fancy frees Turin just before Gander Hullenizes him. Khlyen meets Aneela and Dutch in the green.

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You're a really good person. I don't think you get told that enough.

Zephyr [to Dutch]

Johnny: I know they say size doesn't matter ..,.
Dutch and Pip: It does.
Johnny: But I would not want to whip it out in front of this beauty.