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Dutch gets her memories of the Ten-Year assassin retrieved looking for clues. Delle Sayeh is trying to teach table etiquette to Jaq. Delle Sayeh is going back to Q'resh to assume leadership of The Nine. John's computer search for the assassin sets off an alarm. Pip will be sedated and shackled until Zephyr determines what's happened to him. Dutch is going to train Jaq. Zeph finds the Hullen spider in Pip's brain. Pree grills Fancy about the missing Gared. John finds the sound of a pulsar planted by Khlyen in Dutch's memories. The assassin tracking the alarm set off by John kills Manno. Zeph takes Pip away on a Blackroot ship. The assassin uses Manno's voice to bring back the Killjoys to Utopia. Pree finds the man who shot Fancy, and they copy his hand print. Jaq warns Dutch just before the assassin fires at her. The assassin finds Dutch and Jaq but John and D'avin catch up with them. D'av wings the assassin and takes Jaq with him, while Dutch and John pursue the assassin. Pip tells Zeph to do whatever it takes to kill the spider. Using a communicator, Dutch invokes the White Blade to arrange a meeting with the assassin. Pree lures the Hullen with the handprint and gets captured. The assassin says he's a Protector. When Dutch mentions The Lady, the Protector pronounces the White Blade over and attacks. Jaq snuck out after Dutch. He stabs the Protector who had gained the upper hand on Dutch. Sonics sever the spider's control over Pip. When the short-lived spider dies, so does Pip. Jaq walks in on Dutch's planned interrogation of the Protector. While D'av and Dutch are arguing, the Protector kills himself with cyanide. Pree is taken to the RAC. D'av takes off with Jaq.

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Oh, God! You eat like a Jaqobis.

Delle Sayeh [to Jaq]

John [to Dutch]: Wow! If the assassin at the Ten-Year looked like that, I would have let her beat me. Manno, more.
Manno: To completion, right?