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Dutch and Aneela have switched places, but no one besides D'avin and John knows. Gared is concerned Pree might be ill. Aneela wants the Green pool so she can bring D'avin into the Green to help fight The Lady. She explains that the Green is a living repository of universal memory. Turin figures out it's Aneela and tries to kill her. D'avin has Zephyr give Turin the Green-killing spore, to use if anything goes wrong. Aneela gives D'av a serum to help hinder his ability to control the Green, so he can cross over. John insists on going to protect D'av. The Lady uses their memories against them. Aneela reconnects with Dutch. Aneela hopes to hold off The Lady while Dutch rescues the Jaqobis. Zeph discovers a virus, carried by the rescued children, is sweeping Westerly. The Lady has a proposal for Aneela. Turin quarantines Westerly. D'av finds Dutch. John leaves behind the illusion of Pawter. The trio is attacked by Ferren in the woods, and arm themselves from the RAC armory of their memory. A representative tells Turin that the Nine wants to nuke Westerly to get rid of the virus. Pree volunteers to be the guinea pig for Zephyr's antidote. D'av uses his green-repulsion ability to clear out any resistance. The Lady offers Aneela her family back. D'av hears Jaq's voice and runs off. Zeph's antidote works, but those affected have lost their memories. Aneela takes The Lady's offer and seemingly betrays the others. But her parting words were a clue to Dutch to find the spore and poison the Green. The Lady takes Aneela's form. The trio escapes before the Green collapses. Then an arm shoots up from the Green. The Lady has taken over humanity's memories, and reality has changed. 

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Aneela: Johnny Favorite doesn't seem so unconvinced.
John: It's hard to forget the eyes of someone who tried to stab me in the heart.
Aneela: You seem better now.

D'avin: Johnny?
John: Yah, D'av?
D'avin: Johnny?
Aneela: Are you two going to keep saying each other's names, or is someone going to help me up?