Entering the Fight - Killjoys
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On the hideout planet, a native threatens Jaq for stealing food but Delle Sayeh kills him with an arrow. They are looking for a cube that Jaq has been seeing in a vision. He asks her about Aneela. D'avin and Dutch try to figure out how three people can take over a prison ship. Johnny works to bond with Nucy, the new Lucy. Dutch plans to win the prison fighting tournament, the Bellaxion, so they can take over the prison. Their new benefactor, Sparlow, laughs at their plan. The Lady is forcing Khlyen to look for Pree. Johnny says he can control the security chips if he can get ahold of one. Johnny implants a virus to get the warden's attention. Dutch picks a fight with a Bellaxion contestant and gets selected instead. Evie, one of the Q'reshis sponsoring the tournament, wants D'av to kill her brother Silas. Dutch confronts Johnny about his feelings but he gets angry and leaves. Jaq sees D'av in trouble and wants to go rescue him, but Delle Sayeh convinces him that it's a trap. Dutch bites the chip out of her first opponent. Khlyen warns Gared to leave the bar. The warden determines Johnny is trying to hack the mainframe and sends him to solitary. She also pulls Dutch from the tourney. Sparlow agrees to get Johnny out but only if Dutch keeps fighting. Evie agrees to get Dutch back in the tourney if D'av kills Silas. Jaq runs off. Sparlow breaks out Johnny. Sparlow teams up with Corin to take over the ship after Johnny turns off their chips, betraying the Killjoys. Khlyen wakes up Gared. Delle Sayeh tells Jaq he is her son. Jaq finds the Hullen cube. He opens it with Dutch's DNA and Aneela steps out. 

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Killjoys Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Jaq: Why don't you ever talk about her, my mother?
Delle Sayeh: Because scars bleed when you pick at them.

Native: So you're the little shit that's been stealing our food.
Jaq: We're just hungry.