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The Killjoys are free of The Lady and are waiting to hear from Zephyr. Pree and Zeph are struggling through the Westerley Badlands to get to a safe house. The Lady tells Khlyen that everyone on Westerley will be dead in eight days. Johnny determines that The Lady and her hatchlings can't survive in a normal atmosphere. The Killjoys seek to find The Lady's true body. Turin catches up with Pree and Zephyr at the safe house and arrives with a hatchling he stole, so Zeph can study it.  The Killjoys recruit Calvert to go undercover with them on a Lethian military base. The base doubles as a theme park for civilians. Johnny and Calvert go to infiltrate the lower levels while D'avin and Dutch stand guard. D'avin and Dutch get sucked into playing tour guides. Zeph remembers something shaped like the hatchling but they have to go back to Old Town to access her files. They walk into a death squad. Johnny starts mapping The Lady's warship. Then he, Dutch, and D'avin get captured by soldiers, while Calvert disappears. Fancy escapes. Pree goes for Gared and finds out Gared is awake. Johnny cuts himself loose and goes after Calvert. Zeph and Turin get attacked in her lab and the hatchling escapes. They trap it in the lab. Johnny tells Calvert everything and convinces her to work with them so her daughter can survive. Turin draws the death squads away so Zeph can get to The Royale's tunnels. Johnny and Calvert free Dutch and D'av. Pree and Gared talk things out. Fancy rescues Zeph. Then they pick up the Killjoys and Calvert aboard Lucy, who had been reactivated by Nucy. Lucy found where The Lady's body is, and Zeph knows who can kill her. 

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Killjoys Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Zephyr: Shut up!
Pree: You shut up! Do you know how many people would kill for a free concert from me?

D'avin: Nice view. If you're into stars.
Dutch: I don't hate them.