Sneaking Aboard - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1
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The Lady, inhabiting the body of a girl, has created false memories for the residents of Westerley. Dutch, now known as Yala, operates The Royale. D'av is a Killjoy who is searching for Jaq, now Yala and Johnny's son, who has run away from his boarding school on K'resh. Pree is the local RAC officer. Zephyr is a homeless mad scientist. D'av catches Johnny and Yala, who had sneaked aboard his ship. When Yala touches D'av's hand, she gets a flash of their real life together. Yala's retinal scan reveals an image of Delle Sayeh. D'av confronts factory worker Gared, who has two warrants on him. He wants Gared to help him find Jaq. Yala gets another flash when she kisses Johnny. Yala recalls her real life as Dutch when she's locked inside a room. Dutch tells Johnny the truth but he thinks she's just role playing. So she contacts Zephyr instead, who knows something is wrong. Dutch realizes they lost to The Lady. Pree and Gared are having an affair. Zephyr and Dutch agree to work together. D'av and Pree have a frank talk about Gared. D'av asks Pree about Delle Sayeh. D'av reluctantly agrees to bring Dutch and Johnny along to Red 9, where Delle Sayeh is hiding Jaq. Delle Sayeh and Jaq remember reality. Delle Sayeh tells Dutch that The Lady is terraforming Westerley but not for humans. Delle Sayeh and Jaq need Dutch's fingerprints and DNA for their plan. The decom showers reinforce The Lady's false memories. Dutch tries to snap Johnny, D'av, and Pree back to reality with tokens of their past. They start running for the decom showers. But what Dutch and Zephyr don't realize until it's too late is that the rain serves the same purpose. The Lady is holding Khlyen hostage. Zeph gets shot.

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Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Yala: I don't serve kids. I'm broke but I'm not that broke.
D'av: Wow! Blue eyes and principles.

D'av: Beer in a glass.
Yala: Nope, I'm right. You just don't know it yet. Prepare to have your mouth melted.