Final Showdown - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 10
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The Lady tells Jaq she's going to clone his body. Khlyen explains to Dutch that he's banking on The Lady becoming more human. Delle Sayeh and Aneela conquer the Qresh nobles and get their armament codes, to attack The Lady's armada. Dutch is using Khlyen as bait to draw The Lady to Arkin. Through a holo-projection, she tells The Lady that she has poisoned Khlyen. Johnny and D'avin will infiltrate the armada aboard a cloaked Lucy. The escaped Jaq reunites with Johnny and D'av, then gets shot but survives. He led The Lady to him, so he could be there to save D'av. Jaq won't let D'av protect him. The Lady and two guards join Dutch and Khlyen inside the Hullen cube. Dutch has a shield over Arkin that prevents ships from getting in or out. Zeph has gone to the armada to rescue Jaq but finds a living Pip inside a pod. The Lady mentally forces Dutch and Khlyen to fight each other. There are a dozen guards around The Lady's original body but Aneela comes in firing, taking them all out. Johnny plans to use the ventilation system to send The Lady into hibernation mode. Dutch stabs Khlyen then removes her mind-control collar with a hidden blade. D'av fries The Lady's original body while Dutch shoots her host on Arkin. Afterward, everyone parties on the prison ship. Zeph is concerned that Pip still has one of The Lady's spiders in his brain. Aneela offers to transfuse Kendry to make her Hullen again. Turin tells everyone that The Lady sent ships with hatchlings outside the Quad. The new Level 6 RAC officers will hunt those hatchlings. Delle Sayeh makes Pree governor of Westerley. Khlyen survived. Dutch sends Johnny and Lucy on a one-year sabattical. 

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So this is it. No backsies.


It doesn't matter how your story begins. It's about who's with you at the end.