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Donal the lawyer visits Eric in the holding cell, telling him that the police are setting up an interview and they are confident they can bring charges up against him -- for attempted murder. Donal tells Eric not to say anything, he will do the talking, but Eric should prepare himself for the worst. Bail is unlikely. Eric asks to speak to Nikki.

Eamon, now sober, paces the grounds of the ayahuasca retreat.

Amanda called Anthony to let him know that the car dealership was raided and that Dotser has been killed. 

A new lawyer comes to meet Amanda at the dealership. Amanda explains that she wants a lawyer that isn't known for defending criminals, like Donal. 

Con and Glen torture and question one of the Kinsella's dealers, in an effort to find where the drugs have been hidden. Con calls Eamon to let him know that they've questioned all of the dealers, none of them know. Eamon tells Con to find someone who does know. Glen shoots the dealer.

Birdy reassures Frank that it's a blessing he is still alive, along with Michael and Anna, even though Dotser is dead. Michael gets a call telling him there is a social worker at his house. He leaves to go meet her. Birdy stresses to Frank that he must find a solution.

The social worker comes to see Michael and provides him with a court order that bars him from seeing or communicating with Anna. Michael protests that he just wanted to see his daughter. The social worker chides him for not seeing the big picture and putting Anna at risk.

Anna's Nan picks her up from school. Anna is embarrassed, but her Nan insists it's better she be safe.

Amanda discusses options with her lawyer. If found guilty of money laundering for an organized crime gang, Amanda is looking at six to ten years in prison.

Amanda gets home, where Michael, Jimmy, Frank, and Birdy are waiting. Amanda tells them the dealership has been cleaned out -- the police seized the computers, hard drives, papers, everything. Frank says they'll put Donal on it, but Amanda says she has her own lawyer and that she's looking at six to ten years. 

Frank addresses the room, saying that with Eric in prison, it's basically the five of them against Eamon. He suggests that Birdy go talk to Eamon. Birdy explains that she and Eamon have a history and that he would never hurt her. She will go to him and offer the drugs back in exchange for peace. The men discuss fleeing abroad until everything dies down.

Amanda goes to the roof with wine and cocaine. Michael joins her. Amanda asks about Anna. Michael reminds Amanda about what she told him, that he should think about what's best for Anna. 

Donal pays Frank a visit, letting him know how dire Eric's situation is. He was captured on all the cameras and there is an eyewitness. Frank says he won't survive in prison with Eamon's bounty. Donal says he could be put in protective custody. Frank notes that this would not be good for Eric. Donal suggests that Frank go talk to Bren.

Birdy reassures Nikki that the family will look after her, telling her to be prepared for Eric going to prison. Birdy suggests that having kids could be a good way to stave off loneliness. Frank returns with the news from Donal.

Eamon eats his dinner. Con tells him he can't get a hold of Amanda. Eamon tells Con it's his responsibility to get the drugs back.

Amanda and Michael are still on the roof. Amanda laments that she has ruined everything by insisting that Michael and Jimmy kill Caolon. She is sad that she will miss many of Anthony's milestones if she goes to prison. Michael assures her that she is intelligent enough that she will find a solution to the mess she's made. Amanda kisses him.

Jimmy comes up to the roof, telling Michael and Amanda that Frank wants to go visit Bren, Jimmy and Michael's father. Frank has asked Jimmy to go with him. Jimmy asks Michael if he's alright with that -- Michael says it makes no difference to him. Michael leaves.

Jimmy gets a drink and sits down with Amanda. He tells her that he appreciates everything she does and he loves her very much.

Eric sits alone in his holding cell, hearing taunts and threats. He gets increasingly agitated and screams through the walls.

In the morning, Amanda wakes Jimmy, asking how much money they have put away. He says about two million. She says she needs some. 

Amanda visits Noel's widow, Jenny, at work. Amanda offers her 500,000 euros, appealing to her as a mother.

Nikki goes to visit Eric. Donal warns her that the camera will be on the whole time and that they shouldn't touch. Nikki catches Eric up about the situation with Amanda and how Frank is worried about him. She tells him that they are going to visit Bren to ask him to look out for Eric. She brings up the fact that he could be inside for ten years. He insists he'll be fine, but she asks him to consider her for once. She asks him what she is supposed to do for ten years without him. He asks if she's leaving him. She says no, but asks him what he'd do if she was gone for ten years. He says he would wait for her. Nikki leaves.

Con shows up at Anthony's school and threatens Anthony, telling him that Amanda needs to tell Eamon where the drugs are, or else he'll burn Anthony alive. 

Jenny tells the lawyer that Noel was running a laundering scheme re-selling cars without Amanda's knowledge. The lawyer is dubious and questions Jenny, insulting her and Noel until Jenny cannot take it anymore. The lawyer tells Amanda and Jenny that fabricating lies like this is illegal. Amanda insists that she will have Jenny better prepared by the time the police question her.

Amanda gets a call from Anthony. He relays his interaction with Con. She tells him to find a teacher and stay with them until she can come to get him.

Frank and Jimmy arrive at Castlewood Prison. 

Anna pays Michael a visit. He tells her about the court order, but Anna says she doesn't care. He says she'll be safer without him and she tells him it was unfair of him to come back into her life only to leave again. She leaves.

Frank and Jimmt meet with Bren. Bren expresses disappointment that Birdy hasn't come, and at how the family business has suffered under Frank's leadership. Frank tells Bren that Eric will be going to prison and asks Bren to look out for him. Bren regrets not leaving Birdy in charge. Frank tells him Jimmy and Michael kills Caolon of their own accord, but this only angers Bren further. Bren says Frank has never gotten his hands dirty, and it shows. Bren says he will not look after Eric. He asks Jimmy to bring Michael next time and ends the visit. 

Birdy goes to visit Eamon, but he catches her before she can reach him. He threatens her physically and with a gun. She stands her ground, calling him a coward. He tells her the whole family -- including the women and children -- are fair game, and storms off. 

Walking home, Anna is grabbed by three men. They try to pull her into the trunk of their car. A passing car stops and tells them to leave her alone. Anna manages to escape and runs away as fast as she can. 

Birdy returns, her face marked up. She tells Michael that Eamon is not interested in talking. Anna runs up, telling them what just happened to her. Michael hugs her, insisting he will sort it out.

Amanda picks up Anthony at school. He tells her the details about Con's threat. 

Jimmy and Frank leave the prison. Frank beats up a man for looking at him. Jimmy pulls him away.

Eric gets transferred to prison.

Anthony and Amanda return home. Amanda and Michael relay to each other that their children have been threatened. Amanda insists that in order to end it, they must kill Eamon. 

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Kin Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Michael: Are you trying to blow everything up?
Amanda: Boom.

I'm your solicitor, not your therapist.