Kingdom Season 3

Come at Me - Kingdom

On Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4 the Kulina family gathers for baby Maya's Christening, Ryan loses track of Keith, and Alvey begins to lose track of his Legends fight.

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Legends Fight  - Kingdom
"Thank You, Boys"

On Kingdom Season 3 Episode 3 Alvey's health seems questionable and the timing is terrible as Lisa is working to get him a giant purse for the Legends fight.

Lisa Goes on a Date - Kingdom

On Kingdom Season 3 Episode 2 Lisa and Alvey hire a new man for the gym to cover while Alvey's training, and Ryan decides his fate over an eight ball and some strippers.

Press Conference - Kingdom
"Wolf Tickets"

On Kingdom Season 3 Episode 1 Garo has an idea in mind he runs past Alvey while Alvey's sons and fighters struggle to keep up winning in life and in the ring.

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Kingdom Season 3 Quotes

Garo: You want to know what's better than winning a trophy?
Alvey: A blow job.

Home Buyer: It's kind of a dump.
Jay: Well? Or...It's kind of the worst house on the best street. Only suckers buy turnkey!