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It's Maya's Christening. It's very hard for Lisa, but she gets a family photo before all is said and done.

Dan messages for Jay come into work. Amy wants him to sell a house.

He gets a visit from a parole officer about Keith. The guy is retiring and gives Ryan kudos for doing well.

Jay is getting schooled by Dan. Not only should he have tapped out when Ryan was driving him into the dirt, but he's fired because he was filmed doing everything that entire night. They guy is surprised by how well Jay took it, but Jay wanted to do the right thing. He just can't for as long as he's connected with his friends.

Garo wants to do a co-main event with Ryan and Alvey. Alvey says no. Lisa stomps out.

Dominick gives Ryan some of his "all natural" whey shit. Not cool. This is going to be bad.

Alvey is already angry with Ryan for being on the card.

Jay's doing shots at the bar, staring at the grocery list from Amy.

Lisa is giving away some more of her baby things.

Alvey's back in therapy, discussing his short fuse and the pain and numbness running down his arms. The doc thinks he should go see someone. CTE or Parkinsons shouldn't be ruled out.

Dominick wants to train Ryan while Alvey's away.

Jay tells everyone in the bar the biggest mistake ever was the agricultural revolution because now everyone is a slave to working.

Dominick says Ryan has dynamite in his fucking fists, so fucking use it.

Lisa is worried about Dominick working him, but Dominick says Ryan wanted to work while Alvey wasn't here. When Alvey gets back, he calls Dom to his office and lays down the law.

Christina and Nate talk about Will, and she assures Nate it's none of Alvey's business because it's his life.

Amy's worried about Jay, who is sitting at a softball park snorting coke, still staring at the grocery list. It's become an unbelievable mountain he cannot climb.

Dominick comes onto Lisa again, putting his arm too far into her car window, asking her for a drink and then being a bit of a smartass. He says he feels like a dumbass, and she almost looks like she's going to acquiesce.

Christina cannot believe it when she hears Amy's parents have been married for 42 years. The baby starts crying and Jay comes in full of lies. He's slurring his words, crying and a total mess. He's upgraded the dinner with more expensive food than they can afford and continues lying even as Amy cries in the kitchen. He says Dan insisted on taking him out for drinks to celebrate selling a house. He goes into the bathroom and snorts a few more lines. Christina approaches to say he's blowing it. He wants her out of his house.

Alvey is eating at the gym. He's making a call for a whore.

Amy and Nate are trying to eat dinner, but Jay's making it awful. His eyes are horrid. Maya is crying again. Amy won't let him pick her up, but she won't go, either. Jay goes nuts on the meal and Amy over being white trash his belief she got stuck with them.

Lisa had a couple drinks with Dominick, but when she goes to leave, he asks for a couple of shots. It's garbage about trust and a game. He wants to guess what she's going to do when she gets home. Three for three. He says they weren't gossiping about her. They love her.

The whore Alvey gets looks like a little boy. There is no foreplay at all and he just pays and pounds.

Lisa lets Dominick pound her in the car. When they're done, Lisa essentially tells him to get the hell out.

Jay finally sobers up enough to tell Nate he got fired. Nate is concerned about how he lied to Amy. Since Amy has one foot out the door, Jay is just giving her a gentle push. She can take Maya to Wisconsin to be with her really good family. Nate thinks that's so fuckin' weak.

Nate wonders if he ever thought about his daughter while he was making a mess of the day. Jay tries to laugh it off, but he's seconds from crumbling to pieces.

Alvey calls Christina and they flirt a bit after he tells her more about his dream. She hangs up on him when he asks what she's wearing and he chuckles.

Ryan hears a noise in the house. Keith is home, his hands bloodied. He fell down the side of the highway. He will not go to the hospital. He would just like to spend one more night here, and then he'll go.

Keith starts to cry, covers his face and says he doesn't want Ryan to look at him. Ryan takes him in his arms while he cries.

Ryan is sure Keith will be coming back as soon as they get him under a doctor's care. He has Ryan drive to an underpass to show him something. Keith directs Ryan to lift up the tarp of a homeless person, and there is a dead person inside. Ryan vomits, asks Keith what he did and crawls up to sit beside him.

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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Nate and Ryan need one fuckin' voice in their Goddamned head. And that's mine, you understand that? You start contradicting the shit I say, you confuse my fighter. You confuse my fighter, we got a problem. Are we clear?


Alvey: I thought I made myself clear about Ryan.
Dominick: You absolutely did.
Alvey: What are you doing in the fucking cage?