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Christina is doing the shopping and returns home to a couple of girls and a new man. The man says he's going to Burbank later to get an 18-year-old who looks 14.

I think she's working at an online porn house. The dude calls her Gracie.

Alvey is at the therapist talking about fighting and the desire to get off of Lexapro. His doctor warns him of the side effects, but Alvey needs to feel again.

Keith is putting together a puzzle at the dining room table when someone bangs at the door. It's Garo. He's delivering a new car to Ryan and wants him to hang that night.

Lisa is at a meditation class where she connects with a guy named Tim (her real-life husband). While everyone else is meditating, they're lying through their teeth about how well they do it, one upping each other. He asks her out to dinner at the end.

Jay remains cordial while using the word fuck at the fat hairy guy's house. He enters and lays hands on him, and hairy says Jay made a mistake.

Terry gets back to the house with Kayla with the double Ds. Christina shows her the room she'll be staying in and we get a better look at Christina's eyes. Dark pits in her face. Kayla just started a new Twitter account with the name Amber. You can never have enough Ambers, Christina says. Kayla is going to blow the place up. She cannot wait! She loves LA.

Lisa meets Dominick at the gym. It's Kirk Acevedo. He's applying for the job of coach, and something tells me he's getting the job. He turned 40 and moved to LA for personal reasons, but Lisa wouldn't let him get away with that.

He didnt' like his previous boss who treated his fighters poorly and didn't pay bonuses properly. He's done his homework on Lisa. She's respected.

Jay's woman is Amy and their baby is Maya. Names!

Jay gets in trouble with his boss again, but after begging and using his daughter as leverage, the guy sends him home for the day and promises to take him off of hairy's listing and give him new ones the next day.

Ryan wonders where the hell his offers are after his big win. He was promised offers so he has nothing.

Dominick tells Alvey he left his last gym because of a female. He also says he's from the Bronx and the name Kulina casts a long shadow. Something is obviously wrong here.

When Alvey walks away, Dominick smacks himself in the head, angry for screwing up his interview.

Kayla is pulled away from her opening night cam show and to a live "scene," something about which Christina isn't too pleased.

Lisa and Alvey aren't paying much for the new position, so they decide on Dominick.

Ryan stops by Jay's to get him for the big night out. Jay is hesitant. He's a dad. He gets ready.

Dominick is creating some screwed up sort of steroid concoction or something when he gets the call about the job. It pays $900 a week without benefits, so he tries to negotiate $1200. Nope. OK. He'll take it. He says God bless her, hangs up and shouts in happiness when he hangs up.

Alvey asks Nate if he thinks he's too old to fight. The two josh around trying not to get too serious with each other.

Garo starts cutting cocaine on the table before Jay. Garo tells Jay why Nate's fight fell apart. Because there are rumors he's a fag. Nate realizes why who started it all the way back a with a simple cell phone sneak peek, and the brothers worry about Alvey finding out.

Christina is drinking in front of the TV when Kayla comes in unhappy because of the scene she did. Terry needs to go to the doctor, but he tells Christina to go the fuck away.

Kayla is crying because of the screwed up scene she did. She gets into the bath, covered in bruises.

Alvey is telling Nate how much he loves drinking. The ritual of it, pain relief and pussy. Nate has the opportunity to tell his dad about himself, but doesn't take it. He does let out that Jay's having a baptism for Maya, though, something Alvey knows nothing about.

Garo gives Ryan $25k and a $300k contrack for three fights after a swell of cocaine and a bunch of boobs. Lisa is pissed.

Jay is home in the baby's room when he gets a call from Alvey. Dad wants to be there for the baptism. Jay will let him know when they have a date.


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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

This is Kayla with the double Ds.


Garo [to Keith who opened the door with a knife]: Rough neighborhood, huh?
Keith: If you're a sex offender, this neighborhood is a jungle, sir.