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Alvey is trying to work the speedbag. He seems tired and unfocused. He sees Ryan across from him, who looks like an animal. He's on the ground in seconds.

I thought maybe he was having blood drawn moments later until Christina kissed him. She was pumping him full of something.

He imagines a shotgun to his throat...Are you ready? I can't do it for you...She drops the shot gun shells on the floor. He asked why she would do that. We have children in the house, she says. She asks if he knows how loved he is, how much she loves him. Don't throw me away, he says.

Alvey jolts awake. The only person I know who actually has dreams that intense and realistic is me.

Lisa and Garo are waiting for Alvey at a hotel before a press conference. Garo isn't happy. Lisa is playing him while Alvey waits in the bathroom for the price to rise.

Jay and Amy get a present from Ryan. She doesn't want it because it's a thousand dollar stroller and they can't afford it. She thinks it's gross. Her family has money and she has nice shit. They don't have money or nice shit, so having a stroller is stupid. To have it feels fake, like LA. It's not where she thought she'd be raising her kid. This isn't good. Big argument ensues.

Keith has his ear to the door and then opens a package which just so happens to be full of knives. He hides them all over the house.

Keith doesn't think much of Ryan going out all the time or of the new sex offender moving in nearby. He especially doesn't like when Ryan says he's thinking of moving out.

Alvey literally doesn't show up to the press conference. He's drinking while his opponent shit talks him to the press.

Terry can't open Kayla's door. It's locked. He's pounding on it, wants to break it down. Christina says Kayla can barely walk because the guys last night were too rough. Terry goes in and says, "Chrissy says your cunt's sore..." What a winner. He says the guy they lined up fucked all the famous girls and gets her out of bed. Then he sees her walk, which she can't and asks Christina to get her back to bed.

Alvey doesn't perform well at the press conference and does worse when the questions turn to his mental state. Alvey tosses the F bomb all over the place and drops the mic.

Dominick starts and tries to skirt the IRS. Lisa has nothing of it.

Alvey wants pills from Mac who uses the term ALS in connection to Alvey's pinky twitch and drives him nuts.

Ryan doesn't like Jay showing him properties and wants him to fight. Jay's doing his best to stand strong.

Lisa doesn't like what she sees in Alvey, but he swears he's doing fine. He's following his doctor's orders to the letter. But when Lisa leaves the office, he clenches his fist with concern.

The next place Jay shows is more to Ryan's liking and there's no way Jay can afford it.

Ryan tells Jay to take the stroller back to the store and get a lot of little stuff for Maya. He had no intention of big-timing him. Jay assures him it's all good.

Keith cuts off his ankle bracelet, takes a murder bag and leaves the house.

On her date with Tim, Lisa is lining up her second martini and Dominick calls. He says he locked himself in the gym. He meanders to her office, lies to get the alarm code and continues his intimate way of conversing with her.

Jay and Ryan are lounging by the pool. Ryan reveals he needs a woman. He wants a real one like Amy. Amy was just a girl at the bar until she was pregnant five hours after she said hello. She wasn't a good girl, as Ryan thought, but she is now.

Jay agrees he got very lucky. He fucked up with the right girl. But he says he loves Amy because she loves him and they have Maya. Not an altogether convincing argument.

After the dinner, Lisa plants a kiss on Tim and asks to leave his car behind. He says no and discusses the amount she had to drink. She's insulted and leaves, not listening to his protests about how much he likes her.

Montage of Christina doing a cam show while drinking wine and Alvey measuring drinks in a Pyrex measuring cup while doing his drugs.

The connect on the phone. His bottle is about gone. She says she's lying in bed. He's on the floor for a pinched nerve.

When they leave the house, Ryan gets fighting fresh with Jay. They're drunk and it seems like a terrible place to do it in front of a glass house on which Jay just got done setting the alarm.

Ryan persists and they're suddenly right in the middle of a full-on brawl in the front yard. Ryan is practically killing Jay, choking him until he passes out. It's not a lot of fun, but they leave arm in arm.


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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Amy: Why are you being so mean?
Jay: Because I don't need your unsatisfied depressing shit just hanging on my fucking head all the time. I'm sorry. This is the best I can do right now. You know, we were given a gift, but if you'd rather push our daughter around in a fuckin' wheelbarrow because that would be more real, then OK.

Alvey: How much? How much?
Lisa: I did the best I could and it's a million fucking dollars. [laughs] You, Alvey Kulina, are going to make a million fucking dollars to fight.
Alvey: Holy shit. Holy shit. Wow, wow, wow. Dumb money fuckin' pays.
Lisa: No, oil money fuckin' pays.