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Alvey wakes up on the beach being pestered by two cops. He's recalling hearing about a white male in trouble. After his gun flies out of his bag, he's in a bit of trouble, but his contact at the station gives him the OK. The beat cops are calling him Sir and congratulating him for his coach of the year win before he goes.

Nate's watching after a screaming baby while Jay's showing a property. He's 30 minutes late and the property is a dump. Not only that, but the tenant is disgusting, hairy and having sex in bed while Jay is trying to show it. Needless to say, they leave.

At home, Alvey starts drinking after dumping a bullet and his trophy on the table.

Ryan is giving a press conference for his next fight. It's his last fight for King Beast Promotions. He wants to go to the UFC.

Garo wants Ryan to stick around. Lisa suggests he put in an offer like everyone else.

Jay got a mouthful from his boss about showing homes, but both seem like they can move forward.

It's Nate's turn for the press cameras to upon him, and he gives a nod to his brother, suggesting he needs to do what he has to do to find his path.

Jay is home with the gal and baby. It's his child. Oh. I'm a little lost, to be honest.

Alvey is in the cage fighting with his sweat pack on until he has to vomit. Not the best thing to do with a hangover.

Garo finds him in the bathroom and offers him a fight. A legends fight. Alvey thinks it's garbage, but Garo assures him it's big money. Arabs' money.

Keith had to register as a sex offender but didn't. Now he's on the list and can't stop looking at the website. Ryan is laughing over it with Lisa, who says Ryan can't leave Keith because he'll kill himself.

Ryan is worried he won't win and will get another shit contract from Garo and nothing from the UFC. Lisa wants him to bet on himself for a change. Ryan just doesn't want to live with a sex offender anymore.

Alvey is hungover again, vomiting before work. Ryan recognized the awful smell on his breath and called him own it.

Jay tells his wife he'd rather dip his dick in honey and thrust it into an anthill than fight again. He is, however, being a correspondent for the latest fight.

While Garo gets pissed in a bathroom stall because a fighter doesn't show, Jay gets egged on about fighting again.

The fighter who was supposed to take on Nate fails to appear. He's very disappointed but Lisa and Alvey assure Garo Nate will be paid.

The guy who is fighting against Ryan first kicks him in the groin, then round kicks him several times and knees him in the head. He's all about fighting dirty and Ryan can't get his wind.

After the bell, Ryan comes back strong, finishing off the bastard.

Alvey asks Lisa's opinion on getting back into the ring. He wants to do it, even if she wonders whether it's a good idea.

Jay gets home and talks about baptizing his daughter. The look in his eyes says something is going on.

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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Garo: You want to know what's better than winning a trophy?
Alvey: A blow job.

Home Buyer: It's kind of a dump.
Jay: Well? Or...It's kind of the worst house on the best street. Only suckers buy turnkey!