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Kings Staying in Its Timeslot

Kings Staying in Its Timeslot

Kings will be keeping its Sunday timeslot for the remainder of its episodes. Let's hope they aren't the final ones ever.
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Kings Recap: "Prosperity"

Kings Recap: "Prosperity"

There were more than just peace talks in Kings' second episode, "Prosperty." Find out more in our recap.
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Kings Details

Kings is a drama on NBC that is set in the modern day and is based on the biblical story of King David.  The series takes place the fictional metropolis of Shiloh, a city under siege that is constantly at war.  When a young soldier, David Shepard (Christopher Egan), rescues the King's (Ian McShane) son from enemy territory, he sets in motion the events that eventually bring peace.

David is then thrust into the limelight where he even earns the favor of the King's daughter.  David is promoted to captain and quickly becomes a poster boy for hope.  From there, David must survive as both his allies and enemies try to see him fail.

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Kings Quotes

Soldier: Your mother makes the best brownies, what's in these man?
David: Guilt

David: I can't charge you for a piece of tape
Reverand Samuels: It's your time I owe you for