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The Queen is preparing for the opening of the first night of the Roayl Ballet, the return of culture to Shiloh!  As David is getting excited for the big premiere, someone offers $100,000 for a seat next to David.  The King normally only fetches $10,000 for a seat near him.  Fearing that David will overshadow the King, the Queen gives up David's seat.  A disappointed David agrees to go out partying with Jack that night.  Jack even flies in two of David's friends from the fontline for the night. They go out to a party where Jack runs into one of his "boys," Josheph, who he says he can no longer see and Joseph says he loves him.  Also, while out, Jack gets into a fight with two guys and whoops them.  Jack convinces some girl, without much resistance, to go home with David that night.  She does and Jack's friend, Ronny, gets pictures of it.  David ends up walking home and an angry Jack watches as he screams and kicks everyone out of his room.

Michelle, meanwhile, goes to the ballet excited to see Jack but is disappointed when she doesn't.  Instead, Michelle is set up with an old childhood friend, Paul.  She is clearly not interested in him but sees it as an opportunity to use his position to raise money for her medical care agenda.  She agrees to take him to see the King's bedroom / socks in exchange for a chance to pitch him.  Michelle later finds out that Rose is the one that made sure David wouldn't be there and tried to set her up with Paul.  At the end of the episode, Michelle sees the leaked photo of David kissing the girl.

King Silas attends the ballet, but sneaks out when he gets a phone call from his mistress that his illegitimate son is sick and that she needs Silas there.  Although Silas promised Rose he would stay, he sneaks off to go to the hospital.  While there, Silas is unsure of whether his son will make it so he goes to meet the Reverand who he exiled.  The Reverandtells him that God wants him to make a sacrifice.  On the way back to the Hospital, Silas hits a deer, which he snaps the neck of, that he initially think is his sacrifice.  His son ends up making it through the night, but he says goodbye.  Giving up seeing them will be his sacrifice.

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