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As the episode opens, we find out King Silas and Queen Rose are preparing for Gath to come to sign the peace treaty the two sides have discussed.    Silas tells General Abner to kill Shepard directly after the peace treaty is signed.  He clearly doesn't want David around after the butterflies gave the sign David would be King.  Meanwhile, David's mother is in town to collect money from the VA for her son's death and to talk her son into coming back home.  They're watching the peace talks which are currently going on until they get stalled, the Gath Premiere, Damien Shaw wants the man that asked for peace, David, present before he signs.  A quick text message to David and he says goodbye to his mother to serve his King.

David shows up at the meeting and is instructed not to say anything.  The lovely Michelle volunteers to to help David's mother for him.  Poor Jack is not let into the ballroom as he's not on the list, so he does the next best thing... heads out to go shopping with some soldiers using the Treasury's credit card.  At the meeting, the Gath premiere and general refuse to sign because they say Gibloa has changed the words.  David even tries to beg to get them to sign but the General threatens him for touching the premiere.

We find out the treasury has gone bankrupt when Jack's card is declined for all the fun stuff he's buying his boys.  Silas goes to his brother-in-law, William, and tells him he'll plow on.  Silas then heads to the old King Abadon of Carmel, a country Gilboa conquered but never found the gold from.  He manages to blackmail the King with some picture of a girl he has that has now become a woman... we assume it's his daughter.  Clearly the old King reveals where the money was because in the next scene we see on the news that the Treasury found the money and an angry William is talking with his sister, Queen Rose.  She tells him to end this feud and to bring back his old son, Andrew, from exile.

Silas then has a very cryptic meeting with his daughter where she defends David and he asks her if David would still like her if he knew her secret?  What secret?  Tell us!  Did she used to be a man?  Gosh we're funny.  Meanwhile, David goes to join his mother at the VA office.  She convinces him it's time to leave and they take off in a cab.  David soon sees a sign that says don't go (a literal sign) and he steals the cab and takes off to try and stop the Gath premiere and his men from leaving.  He crashes into one of Gath's cars and ends up punching in the General in the face!

King Silas comes out and has a talk with the Gath premiere, who admits they never did want peace and we're looking for any excuse to back out.  He finds out what they want... Shiloh.  Silas gives them one better.. Port of Prosperty.  This port gave Gilboa the money it needed to build Shiloh and now Gath will have the same thing if they can go six months of peace.  Then they will give them the port in exchange for a lifetime of it.

David comes up to the King to tell him he notices all the things he does.  Silas tries to call off the hit he had ordered on David but it's too late, the men have gone on radio silence.  Just as the sniper is about to shoot David, the flock of pigeons that the comic relief guards, Boyden and Klotz, have been trying to remove all day, go flying out over David and one of them ends up taking the bullet for Silas.  Someone then reaches the sniper to tell him to call it off and David lives!

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Kings Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

People with destines... things don't go well for them. They die old and unhappy, or young and unfinished

Mrs. Shepard

King: [to Gath Premiere referring to the help]: My wife commands an army ours wouldn't want to face as allies