Talus Gives Advice
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Landry is in a dream and finds himself standing in front of a massacre of epic proportions which he did.

He wakes up, his branding mark still here.

The Templars return with their dead brothers. Landry is very upset and yells at Talus.

DeNogaret brings Gawain to the king who wants to know why Gawain wants to be back in Philip's good graces. Philip is not impressed and Gawain leaves.

Margaret arrives to be by Louis' side. Louis leaves and Isabella greets her. Margaret completely insults Isabella.

DeNogaret orders the bishop to present before the king.

Landry is cleaning Draper's body in preparation for burial. Ulric joins him.

Phiip starts having flashbacks about Joan's affair with Landry and destroys Joan's throne.

DeNogaret presents Bishop Raymond Devaux to Philip and Philip offers him the Pope's position.

Louis and his team are dressed as Templars as they start banging on doors looking for babies. In one house, the mother and baby are hiding under the floorboards but Louis figures it out and starts making noise so the baby cries. He kills the father, baby, and mother.

Louis returns and reconnects with Morgan but he's impotent apparently.

Talus is back to training initiates.

Landry takes on training "attacks" and destroys all of them...challenging Talus in the process.

Louis and Philip are sword fighting then they start talking about Margaret. Philip wants an heir.

Gawain is about to drink some magic juice for his leg. It's administered by a needle through his leg.

Ulric and Kelton are impressed with Landry earlier and tell him so during lunch when Talus shows up and sits at their table. He tells them about the Luciferians and avenging the fallen Templars.

Louis meets with Gawain at night. They enter a home to talk. Gawain makes a blood oath to Louis.

Landry talks with Tancrede. It's odd because Landry is all gushy about it considering the Templars are going out after the Luciferians.

Landry prepares to leave in the middle of the night, talking all sorts of weapons with him. He's going to face the Luciferians alone. Whatever, Landry.

One of the initiates sees him as he leaves. He comes upon the Luciferians encampment where he's attacked. He tries to fight them off but there are lots of them.

Then he attacks with his horse and balls of steel but gets taken down. He's defiant and starts praying on his knees when the guy is going to kill him when Talus shows up and shows him what a real superhero looks like.

When their all dead, Talus beats Landry up. He wasn't planning on returning. They have an argument about God abandoning him. Talus tells him God is giving him instructions. He's actually giving Landry words of hope.

Then Talus tells Landry a story and tells him he needs to hold on to his faith. He's been there, done that. He brings Landry home and they pray together in front of the big cross. The other Templars join in.





















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Knightfall Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

DeNogaret: I told you to present well.
Gawain: This -- is as well as I present.

Landry: You! You should have let me go with them.
Talus: And then they would be burying you as well.