Prince Louis
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A couple is being burned at the stake for believing in a false god, right in front of their son.

Landry and the other initiates are eating when Talus comes in to give them instructions on the proper way to eat to serve God.

Landry and his friends talk about their past. When one guy says he hates he Jews, Talus disciplines him.

Prince Louis and Philip have words about Joan. Louis doesn't care what she did. He wants her to have a proper royal funeral. Philip refuses.

The initiates are in training in the rain with Talus. They have to climb a wall.

Landry comes up with a plan to become a human ladder to get to the top. Talus is impressed. The other Templars are watching but they fail. Quentin falls and he has to try again. his time he's successful and the initiates get to the top.

Philip wants to launch a campaign against the Templars with Louis in charge. DeNogaret wants to bring a court order against the Templars so that what they do is legal in the eyes of the Pope and the people.

Louis' mission is changed to finding the baby.

Philip tells Isabella that her marriage to Edward has been approved.

The Pope visits Philip to pay his respects to Joan.

Talus is training and lectures Roan on having a worldly possession. Talus makes him strip and finds the thing from his mother. Another initiate betrayed Roan and Talus orders him out for betrayal.

Landry tells Talus the thing is his, but Talus decides to punish them all. He gives Landry and some others a different mission.

Louis is looking for all bastard children, but he's still looking for a boy.

The boy whose parents were burned alive returns to the site and gathers some ashes.

Tancrede makes a visit to someone to deliver a new Bible. He likes the woman who will be illustrating the Bible. He also asks about Eve and goes to see the girl.

Landry and his group are still working on Talus' challenge in the woods when they hear something and investigate. It's a woman screaming because she's going to be killed and she is. Her throat is cut. They're also caught by a member of the Satanic group but Landry kills the guy first. Then they attack the others.

Quentin is severely injured and the Templars run before they're attacked again.

Draper tries to save Quentin but he dies. Berenger blames Landry. The Temple master orders a group to go after the Luciferians.

Landry decides he's going to avenge Quentin's death. Talus won't let him.

Louis attack and kill the Templars who went to find the Luciferians.

Landry is praying outside when he's grabbed by Berenger's men who mark him without permission.

Louis continues his hunt for Eve. He's planning to kill every bastard.

Tancrede finds Landry and wants to know who attacked him. Landry doesn't tell.

Gawain shows up at the Pope's castle and kills his guards. DeNogaret and Gawain talk to Pope.

DeNogaret reveals to the Pope that he was the child who witnessed his parents' death and the Pope was the one who killed them. He has a vendetta against all false prophets.

Pope stands up to DeNogaret. DeNogaret punches him. Then the Pope recognizes Gawain and demands he protects him but Gawan says he's no longer a Templar and leaves.

DeNogaret kills the Pope and blesses the Pope's body with his parents' ashes.


















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Knightfall Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

At least you knew your father. Mine simply provided the seed and wandered off.


Quentin: I think this is the worst stew I've ever had.
Landry: We eat for sustenance, not pleasure, Quentin.